Table of Contents (Vol.8)

Vol.8 No.1
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Feature Articles : Emotion in Speech
Preface Donna Erickson 7
What do People Hear ? A Study of the Perception of Non-verbal Affective Information in Conversation Speech Nick Campbell and Donna Erickson 9
A Natural History of Japanese Pressed Voice Toshiyuki Sadanobu 29
Change in Phrasing in Semi-spontaneous Emotional Speech: Articulatoru Evidence Caroline Menezes 45
Vocally Expressed Emotions and Stereotypes in Japanese Animation: Voice Qualities of the Bad Guys Compared to those of the Good Guys Mihoko Teshigawara 60
Emotional Expression in “Pikachuu” Kyoko Sakuraba, Satoshi Imaizumi and Kazuhiko Kakehi 77
Research Articles
Audiovisual Lip-Voice Matching on Vowels by Japanese Infants Ryoko Mugitani, Tessei Kobayashi, and Kazuo Hiraki 85
The phonetic and phonological characteristics of focused and neutral utterances in Japanaes spoken by Korean lerners of Japanese Akira Utsugi 96
The Historical Nature of the non “Hitotsugana-Ben” Northern Amami Dialects Makio Oono 109
Miyoko Sugito and Kiyoshi Honda(trs.), Tsutomu Kajimaya and Masato Kajiwara The Vowel — It’s Nature and Structure Hideki Kasuya 121
Vol.8 No.2
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Feature Articles : Historical Studies of Japanese Phonology
Preface Kazuaki Ueno, Eisaku Sato 3
Compatibility of Keeping Word Coherence at the Same Time Making Morphemes Distinct Shuji Hizume 5
The Process of the Merger of 衣([e]) and 江([je]) in Old Japanese Hajime Ogura 14
A Comparison of Kanji Pronunciation between the Qun Shu Zhi Yao in Kanazawa Library and Honchomonzui Temple: Focusing on the Difference in Notes Sasaki Isamu 26
The Degree of Independence of the Postpositional Mora in Sino-Japanese: Transition of the Japanese Syllabic Structure and the Scores of Japanese Buddhist Chants Asada Kentaro 35
Accent on Predicates in the Kyoto Dialect in the Heian Era Makoto Yanaike 46
Phonological History of Okinawan Language: Mainly Focusing on its Palatalization and Affricative Changes Tawata SinIciRou 58
Research Notes
The Onbin Sound Changes: The Frellesvigian Perspective Mark Irwin 69
Vol.8 No.3
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Feature Articles : Phonetics and Brain Science
Preface Satoshi IMAIZUMI 3
Neural Resources for Speech Communication Yoshiaki OZAWA and Satoshi IMAIZUMI 5
Brain Networks for Speech Perception to Speech Production Itaru F. TATSUMI 15
Observation of brain activation during speech using fMRI Yukiko NOTA and Kiyoshi HONDA 28
My Expections about Brain Sciences of Speech Kikuo MAEKAWA 35
Research Articles
Acoustic Correlates of Typical Tokyo and Osaka Pronunciation Shiro KORI 41
+VOT Tendency in the Initial Voiced Alveolar Plosive /d/ in Japanese and Speaker’s age TAKADA Mieko 57
The relationship between plosive preception and speech perception of Japanese: Comparison of Shanghai speakers with the voicing contrast and Mandarin speakers without Fumiko YAMAMOTO 67