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The 339th Regular Meeting –Call for Oral Presentations–
(April 22nd, 2019 Update)
【Important】Summary of “The Phonetic Society of Japan finance remediation measures”
(March 12th, 2019 Update)
The 33rd General Meeting (date and venue)
(March 6th, 2019 Update)
The 29th Phonetics Seminar: Fundamentals of speech recording and perception
(January 30th, 2019 Update)
Now Accepting Applications for the FY2018 Academic Research Incentive Award of the Phonetic Society of Japan
(October 9th, 2018 Update)
(October 1st, 2018 Update)
The 338th Regular Meeting -Call for Oral Presentations and Symposium Organization-
(October 1st, 2018 Update)
Information about accounting auditing and councilor election (September 21 – October 12)
(October 1st, 2018 Update)
The 32nd General Meeting – Call for Workshop Proposals
(May 30th, 2018 Update)
The 337th Regular Meeting
(May 30th, 2018 Update)