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Celebration of Life for Osamu Fujimura (Tokyo, 29 August 1927 – Waimea, Hawaii, 13 March 2017)
(December 7th, 2017 Update)
Now Accepting Applications for the FY2017 Academic Research Incentive Award of the Phonetic Society of Japan
(October 6th, 2017 Update)
The 336th Regular Meeting -Call for Papers and Symposium Organization-
(September 28th, 2017 Update)
Title:2017 Introductory Course in Phonetics “Introduction to IPA”
(September 21st, 2017 Update)
Phonetics Seminar “Emotional Speech Seminar”
(September 16th, 2017 Update)
Paper Release on JSTAGE
(September 15th, 2017 Update)
Call for Special Papers: “Phonetic and phonological approaches to the study of singing”
Posting schedule time: Volume 22, No. 3
Deadline for manuscript: July 31, 2018
Manuscripts should be written in English.
(August 17th, 2017 Update)
Program for the 31st General Meeting
Date: September 30 – October 1
Venue: Hongo Campus, The University of Tokyo
(August 1st, 2017 Update)
The 31st General Meeting Information about the use of nursery room
(July 26th, 2017 Update)
Talks at Sophia Univ. by Dr. Spencer D. Kelly and Dr. Yukari Hirata (Colgate Univ.)
(May 26th, 2017 Update)