What's New?

Non-members’ Registration for The Special Lecture on Day 1 (the 37th General Meeting)
(September 8th, 2023 Update)
Program for the 37th General Meeting
Date: Saturday, September 16 – Sunday, September 17, 2023
Venue: Hokusei Gakuen University
(August 23rd, 2023 Update)
Zoom information of first day’s program
(September 24th, 2022 Update)
Program for the 36th General Meeting *ZOOM information updated
Date: Saturday, September 24 – Sunday, September 25, 2022
Venue: Kobe Gakuin University Port Island Campus 1
(September 17th, 2022 Update)
Research Ethics Guidelines
(October 25th, 2021 Update)
Now Open: Registration for the keynote speech and symposium
(September 17th, 2021 Update)
Program for the 35th General Meeting
Date: Saturday, September 25 – Sunday, September 26, 2021
Venue: Online
(August 31st, 2021 Update)
Submission deadline for the 35th General Meeting has been extended
(July 12th, 2021 Update)
Call for Oral/Poster Presentations for the 35th General Meeting of PSJ
Date: September 25-26, 2021
Venue: Online meeting (Zoom)
Online submission closes: July 9th, 2021
(May 30th, 2021 Update)
The 342nd Regular Meeting
Date: May 29, 2021
Venue: Online (Zoom)
(May 8th, 2021 Update)