Membership, Membership Dues and Donations

Individuals interested in phonetics can join the Society by submitting the application form below. University libraries, research laboratories, and other similar organizations can also join the Society using the same form. Society members will receive the Journal of the Phonetic Society of Japan published three times a year.

To apply for membership, please download the PDF application form, fill out all necessary information, and submit the form either by postal mail, fax, or E-mail.

Download membership application
Postal mail
The Administrative Office of the Phonetic Society of Japan
c/o International Academic Publishing Company, Ltd, Academy Center, 358-5 Yamabuki-cho, Shinjuku-ku, 162-0801, Tokyo, JAPAN

Tel. +81-3-5937-6763
Fax. +81-3-3368-2822

Further information

  • Please give full affiliation information, including name of school or department, or name of company division, if applicable.
  • The Society’s fiscal year starts in April and ends in March of the following year. Please specify in the application form which fiscal year the membership is for.

Payment information

  • The annual (regular) membership fee is 10,000 Japanese yen. A bill will be sent to you after the application form is received.
    Payment can be made by: (1) credit card (Visa/Master/UC), (2) check, or (3) bank transfer. Please do not send money now.