Table of Contents (Vol.27)

Vol.27 No.1 (Published: July 31 2023)
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Research Articles
Phonetic Characteristics of Japanese Polite Speech:
A Comparison between Japanese Native Speakers and Chinese-speaking Learners
Kexin WANG and Ryoko HAYASHI 1
Articulation of Nasal Consonants in the Ikema Dialect of Miyako Ryukyuan of Southern Ryukyu Masako FUJIMOTO, Shigeko SHINOHARA and Tatsuya KITAMURA 13
Feature Articles: International Transmission of the Best Papers Published in the Journal of the Phonetic Society of Japan
Articulation Rate of People Who Do and Who Do Not Stutter:
Comparison between Oral Reading and Speech Shadowing
Arongna, Keiko OCHI, Naomi SAKAI, Hiroaki HATANO and Koichi MORI 27
Vol.27 No.2 (Published: October 31 2023)
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Research Articles
Production of Japanese Voiceless Sibilants in Bengali-Native Japanese Learners:
An Acoustic-Phonetic Approach
Mikiko SAKAEGAWA, Fangsheng CHEN and Akira UTSUGI 35
Voice and Vowel Length Contrasts in Hateruma Ryukyuan:
A Description of the Transitional Stage of Phonologization and De-phonologization
Reiko ASO and Kohei NAKAZAWA 48
Research Notes
How Russian Speakers Express Evolution in PokeĢmon Names II:
The Effects of Contrastive Palatalization and Name Length
Gakuji KUMAGAI, Naoya WATABE and Shigeto KAWAHARA 64
Vol.27 No.3 (Published: January 31 2024)
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Research Articles
Accentual Variation in Standard Japanese and Its Regional Diversity Observed in the Emergence of Pitch Fall in Unaccented Nagara Clause:
Analysis of Speech Data in the Corpus of Spontaneous Japanese
Akio NASU, Mizuho IMADA and Michimasa KANNO 77
Research Notes
Japanese Foot as a Perceptual Timing Unit:
Behavioral Evidence for Bimoraic Rhythm Perception of Japanese Speech
Terumichi ARIGA 92