Table of Contents (Vol.26)

Vol.26 No.1 (Published: October 31 2022)
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Research Articles
Accentual Variations in Derived Nouns Containing the Suffix -kata:
Interference from Native Dialect Observed in the Frequency of De-accentuation
Akio NASU, Mizuho IMADA, Changyun MOON and Takumi TAGAWA 1
Updating L2 Phonetic Memories:
Shadowing Training vs. Listening Training
Daiki HASHIMOTO, Karin GOMI and Ryuta SHIRAISHI 13
Split of the Middle Chinese falling () Tone in Èzhōu (Húběi) Mandarin Michael J. KENSTOWICZ and Mengwei YU 27
Effects of Phonological Short-Term Memory on the Sound Reproduction Skills of Japanese Students of English as a Foreign Language Akiko KONDO 43
Vol.26 No.2 (Published: January 31 2023)
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Research Articles
Effects of L1 Phonotactic Constraints on Word Segmentation with Clear and Ambiguous English Syllable Boundaries Tamami KATAYAMA 63
Acoustic Analysis of Vowels Preceding /N/ in Japanese by Chinese Learners Jing SUN, Ryoko HAYASHI and Mieko TAKADA 72
Vol.26 No.3 (Published: April 30 2023)
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Research Notes
Sound Symbolic Values of Phonological/Morphological Structures and Accentedness:
A Case Study of Japanese Baby Diaper Names
Gakuji KUMAGAI and Shigeto KAWAHARA 97
Feature Articles: Evaluation Indices of Second Language Learner Speech
Preface Tsuneo KATO 109
Annotating Second Language Learner Speech:
Reflecting on the Development of the J-AESOP Corpus
Kakeru YAZAWA 111
Identifying Segmental Substitutions in Spontaneous Speech of L3-French/L1-Japanese Learners:
A Corpus-based Pilot Study
Sylvain DETEY, Lionel FONTAN, Maxime Le COZ, Corentin BARCAT and Yuji KAWAGUCHI 124
Developing Evaluation Scales for Japanese EFL Learners’ Oral Reading Performance:
A Suggestion for a Rubric-Based, Binary-Choice, Boundary-Definition (RBB) Scale
Sachiyo TAKANAMI and Hideki IIMURA 135
The Assessment of Pronunciation and Corrective Feedback Behaviors of Japanese Teachers:
A Test Case for Establishing Teacher Training Standards
Changyun MOON, Juan Pablo RODRIGUEZ-GOMEZ, Changyan SONG and Hiroshi MATSUZAKI 147