Table of Contents (Vol.21)

Vol.21 No.1
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Research Articles
Phrase Final Tones of Question Utterances Appearing in Japanese Natural Conversations Hiroaki HATANO and Toshinori Carlos ISHI 1
Feature Articles: Excavating Phonetic/Phonological Fossils in Language: Current Trends in Evolutionary Linguistics
Prolegomena: Why Now is the Time to do Phonetics/Phonology in Evolutionary Linguistics Shin-ichi TANAKA 12
PART I: From the Viewpoint of Animal Vocal Communication
Search for Primate Origins of Phonological Uniqueness in Human Languages Hiroki KODA 16
A Long and Winding Road to Human Speech Kazuo OKANOYA 21
What Budgerigars Tell Us about Vocal Communication Yoshimasa SEKI 31
Evolutional View of Preverbal Vocalizations in Human Infants Miki TAKAHASI 38
PART II: From the Viewpoint of Human Phonetics/Phonology
Sounds of Infant-Directed Vocabulary:Learned from Infants’ Speech or Part of Linguistic Knowledge? Reiko MAZUKA, Akiko HAYASHI and Tadahisa KONDO 45
Extending the Application of Merge to Elements in Phonological Representations Kuniya NASUKAWA 59
Linguistic Knowledge by Descent:An Evolutionary Approach to Stress Typology Bridget D. SAMUELS, Pedro T. MARTINS and Cedric BOECKX 71
Representing Phonological Evolution Geoffrey SCHWARTZ 79
The Shape and Function of Phonology in Evolutionary Linguistics: Why We can Explore Language Origins from Extant Languages, and How Shin-ichi TANAKA 88
Feature Articles: International Transmission of the Best Papers Published in the Journal of the Phonetic Society of Japan
Accent Reduction and Restrictive Modification in Tokyo Japanese Shiro KORI 105
On the Input Information of the C/D Model for Vowel Devoicing in Japanese Michinao F. MATSUI 127
Vol.21 No.2
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Research Articles
Acoustic Manifestation of Russian Word-final Devoicing in Utterance-medial Position Mayuki MATSUI, Yosuke IGARASHI and Shigeto KAWAHARA 1
The Role of Vowel Quality in the Perception of English Lexical Stress by Native Speakers of English and Japanese Sayoko EGUCHI 18
Research Notes
Perceiving Vowels in Singing Voice: The Effects of Listeners’ Singing Experience and Fundamental Frequencies Nozomi ENDO, Shigeto KAWAHARA and Yasuyo MINAGAWA 25
Sound Symbolic Patterns in the Spell Names of Dragon Quest: Teaching Phonetics with Sound Symbolism Shigeto KAWAHARA 38
Using Sound Symbolism in Introductory Classes: Sound Symbolism in Monster Names in Ultraman Series Shigeto KAWAHARA and Tomoko MONOU 43
Feature Articles: Phonetic and Phonological Variation and Change in Modern Korean
Preface Akira UTSUGI 50
Overlapping of Back Vowels /o/ and /u/ by Young Seoul Korean Speakers: Focusing on the Effect of Preceding Consonantal Type and Utterance Unit on Overlap in Formant Distribution Takako IGETA, Sadao HIROYA and Takayuki ARAI 53
Acoustic Features Differentiating Three Korean Stops in Intervocalic Position Hi-Gyung BYUN 61
A Sociophonetic Study of the Ternary Laryngeal Contrast in Yanbian Korean Chiyuki ITO 80
Ongoing Tonal Change in Seoul Korean: From Tonogenesis and Lexical Diffusion Perspectives Akira UTSUGI 106
Synchronic Variations in the Morphophonological Phenomena of Modern Korean Yuki TSUJINO 116
Vol.21 No.3
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Research Articles
Japanese Language Learners’ Recognition Order of Emphasis and Paralanguage Speech Acts Masako FUKUOKA 1
Tone and Syllable Weight: The Tonotactic Asymmetry in Jinghpaw Keita KURABE 15
Feature Articles: Progress in the Study of Filled Pauses
Preface Kikuo MAEKAWA 22
Factors Affecting Clause-Initial Filler Probability in an English Monologue Corpus Michiko WATANABE and Yusaku KOREMATSU 24
A Comparison of Form and Temporal Characteristics of Filled Pauses in L1 Japanese and L2 English Ralph L. ROSE 33
Chinese Demonstratives and Their Spoken Forms in a Conversational Corpus Shu-Chuan TSENG 41
Comparison of Voice Quality between the Vowels in Filled Pauses and Ordinary Lexical Items Kikuo MAEKAWA and Hiroki MORI 53
Application of Time-frequency Representations of Aperiodicity and Instantaneous Frequency for Detailed Analysis of Filled Pauses Hideki KAWAHARA 63
A Tribute to the Memory of the Late Professor Kazue AKINAGA   74