Table of Contents (Vol.12)

Vol.12 No.1
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Research Articles
Four-pattern accent system in the Gyeongsang Dialect of Korea Jaehyun SON 5
Context of Oppositions for an Estimation of Phonemic Function Load Mafuyu KITAHARA 15
The Accent System of the Miryang Dialect of Korean YoungSuk KANG 24
Accent Reduction and Restrictive Modification in Tokyo Japanese Shiro KORI 34
Research Notes
Factors that Affect Global Perceived Speaking Rate of Spontaneous Speech Takayuki KAGOMIYA, Kenji YAMASUMI, Yohichi MAKI and Kikuo MAEKAWA 54
Osamu FUJIMURA, Onsei Kagaku Genron, Iwanami 2007 Mafuyu KITAHARA 63
Vol.12 No.2
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Research Articles
The Effect of Segmental Structure on F0 Patterns of Words in Tokyo Japanese Irina A. Shport and Susan G.Guion
The Effectiveness of Self-monitoring on Japanese Accent Learning: An Analysis of Questionnaire to Thai L1 Learners of Japanese Yupaka Siriphonphaiboon 17
Research Notes
Toward Determining Discreteness in Downtrends of Japanese and Korean: An Approach from a Categorical Perception Experiment Akira Utsugi, Yoonshil Jeon and Heesung Kim 30
Vol.12 No.3
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Feature Articles: Disordered Speech and Normal Utterance
Preface Akira UJIHIRA 1
Phonological Theory and Disordered Speech Isao UEDA 3
Comparing Language Production Models: Evidence from Japanese Speech Errors Yasushi TERAO 17
Foreign Accent in Japanese and Brazilian Portuguese: Perceptual Evaluation of Modified and Unmodified Speech Masahiko KOMATSU 28
Disfluency in the Process of Acquisition of the Second Language -Focusing on Dominant Phonological Units- Akira UJIHIRA 41
The Acoustic Cue of the Perception of Devoiced Vowels after /p/ Natsuya YOSHIDA 52
Research Articles
Prosodic Patterns and Interpersonal Relationships in the Italian Greeting Buongiorno Shiyo SAKAKIBARA 59
On Intraoral Air Pressure and Air Flow Rate of the Japanese Dental Plosives /t,d/ Spoken by Korean Learners Tanomu KASHIMA and Shingo HASHIMOTO 76
Research Notes
Norm Consciousness of the Syllabic Nasal Duration of Native Japanese Speakers: Tokyo Metropolitan and Kinki Dialect Speakers Tomoko YAMAGHISHI 87
Hakutaro Jōo, Zikken Onseigaku Nyûmon, Sun Edicational 2008 Natsuya YOSHIDA 98
Hakutaro Jōo, Ippan Onseigaku Kougi, Bensei 2008 Seiya FUNATSU 100