Table of Contents (Vol.11)

Vol.11 No.1
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Feature Articles: Sokuon, or Moraic Obstruent
Preface Haruo KUBOZONO 7
Durational Variability and Invariance in Japanese Stop Quantity Distinction: Roles of Adjacent Vowels Yukari HIRATA 9
Factors Affecting Japanese Speakers’ Perception of Geminates in English Itsue KAWAGOE and Masako ARAI 23
Issues reagarding Geminate Consonants in Japanese Language Education Takako TODA 35
The Word-Final Moraic Obstruent in Japanese Mimetics Akio NASU 47
Research Articles
The Cause of the Occurence of Geminates Insertion: Evidence from Korean Learners’ Produciton of the Japanese Voiceless Stops as Geminates Kwangjoon MIN 58
Acoustic Cues of the Japanse `sokuon’: in Relation to Speech Rate Kyong-Suk YI 71
The Effect of First Language (L1) in Cross-Language Speech Percepiton: Comparison of Word-Final Stop Discrimination by English, Japanese and Thai Listeners Kimiko TSUKADA and Shunichi ISHIHARA 82
Research Notes
Perception of a Japanese Geminate Stop in Korean Learners –the Effect of Pitch Type and Phonetic Characteristics of a Consonant in a Preceding Syllable following the t-closure– Akiko KOSHIRO 93
Early Acquisition of Palatp-Alveolar Consonants in Japanese –Phoneme Frequencies in Chiled-Directed Speech– Chiharu TSURUTANI 102
Vol.11 No.2
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Feature Articles: “Current Trends in Intonational Research on Chinese, Korean, Mongolian, German and French”
Preface Satoshi TOKI 3
The Present Stage of the Researchers about Chinese Intonation Jun SHIGEMATSU 5
The Characteristics of Intonation in Seoul Korean Kwangjoon MIN 16
Mongolian Intonation Anastasia Mukhanova KARLSSON 28
Intonation Features in German Sentences Read by German Speakers and Japanese Speakers Katsufumi NARITA 40
Prosody in French: Accent, Intonation, and Rhythm Yukihiro NISHINUMA and Chieko SHIROTA 55
Research Articles
The Factors to Affect the Global Impression of Public Speech Takayuki KAGOMIYA, Kenji YAMASUMI, Yohichi MAKI and Kikuo MAEKAWA 65
Difference of Pronunciation Practice: A Study of “Repeat with me” and “Repeat after me Katsumi NAGAI 79
Vol.11 No.3
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Feature Articles: “Acquisition of Japanese accent on L1 and L2”
Preface Kiyoe SAKAMOTO 5
How Young Generation of Hachijojima Island Acquire Tokyo Accent Mariko KUNO 7
Acquisition of Japanese Accentuation by Japanese Language Learners and the Ibaraki Dialect Speakers of Japanese: On Its Similarities and Differences Nobuko YAMADA 23
The Role of Accent Patterns and Phonotactics in Japanese Infant’s Word Segmentation from Fluent Speech Kumiko SATO, Sachiyo KAJIKAWA, Kiyoe SAKAMOTO and Hirobumi MATSUMOTO 38
Development of prosody perception and production in infants and children Sachiyo KAJIKAWA 48
A Comparative Study on the Perception of Japanese Lexical Accent in Children Ayako SHIROSE 55
Research Articles
Accent of Alphabetic Acronyms in the Chuuooshiki Accent Yukihiko NAKAI 69
Accent in the Gwangju Dialect in Jeollanam-do of Korea SON Jaehyun 87
Research Notes
The Japanese Interjection Un: From Its Meanings and Functions to an Analysis of Its Phonetics Features Jun SUDO 94