Table of Contents (Vol.1)

Vol.1 No.1
Title Author page
Foreword Tamotsu Koizumi 3
“Feature on the Education of Phonetics: Its Present State and Problems”
Preface Takako Ayusawa 4
Teacher Training and Phonetics Satoshi Toki 6
Problems in Training Phoneticians Kikuo Maekawa 12
Status and Problems in Teaching Experimental Phonetics Satoshi Imaizumi 18
Proposals from Communication Disorders Noriko Kobayashi 23
Reserch Articles
Durational Features of English Sounds : Comparison between Native Speakers and Japanese College Students Kazuaki Ichizaki 25
Voicing Agreement in Romanian Kan Sasaki 38
Accent Shift beyond the Foot Boundary : Evidence from Tokyo Japanese Compound Nouns Teruo Yokotani 54
John Laver : Principles of Phonetics Shigeru Takebayashi 63
Vol.1 No.2
Title Author page
“Features on the Theoritical Studies on Accent”
Foreword Shousuke Haraguchi 3
The Accentual System of Winnebago and Dorsey’s Law : A New Attempt to Resolve an Ordering Paradox Shin-ichi Tanaka 5
Discription of Pitch Accent: Register, Inclination, Turn, Kernel, etc. Shin Kawakami 20
My Theory of Accent : from a Fieldworker’s Point of View Zendo Uwano 28
Issues of Accent in the Central Dialect of Japanese in the Heian Period Teruhiro Hayata 37
Reserch Articles
Developing English Pronunciation Skills of Japanese Learner Using Computerized Instruction Stephen G. Lambacher 45
D. Robert Ladd : Intonational Phonology Haruo Kubozono 53
Miyoko Sugito : Nihonjin no Koe . Nihonjin no Eigo. Nihonjin no Oto. Tamotsu Koizumi 55
Kazuyuki Watanabe : Eigo Intoneishon Ron. Takehiko Makino 57
Takashi Otake and AnneCulter (eds.), Phonological Structure and Language Processing: Cross-linguistic Studies Noriko Yamane 59
Shigeru Takebayashi : Eigo Onseigaku Junko Hibiya 63
Vol.1 No.3
Title Author page
“Features on the Contrastive Studies of Sounds”
Preface Shousuke Haraguchi 3
Contrastive Studies of Spoken-Language Perception Anne Culter and Takashi Otake 4
Physiological Features of the Pitch Control in Tone Languages: Electromyographic Evidence on Thai and Suzhou Chinese Ray Iwata 14
Contrastive Study on Mora Identification Kazuhiko Kakei and Yuki Hirose 23
The Contrastive Accentology of Japanese and Winnebago: From a Perspective of Universal Grammer Shin-ichi Tanaka 29
Sentence Accent: The Interface between Semantics and Phonology Masao Okazaki 41
Reserch Articles
A Comparison of Acoustic Features in Perception of English Articles between Native Speakers of English and Japanese Learners Michiko Mochizuki-Sudo and Shigeru Kiritani 51
Review Article
Daniel Jones: Edited by Peter Roach and James Hartman, English Pronouncing Dictionary Kazyo MISONO 53
Peter Ladefoged: Elements of Acoustic Phonetics Kikuo MAEKAEWA 65