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Proceedings of the 33rd general meeting

Dear members,

The proceedings of the 33rd general meeting is now available online. Please access “PSJ my page.”

To all participants for the 33rd general meeting

To all participants

Program for the 33rd general meeting

The Thirty-Third General Meeting of the Phonetic Society of Japan
Date: Saturday, September 28 – Sunday, September 29, 2019
Host: The Phonetic Society of Japan
Venue: Seisen University
3-16-21 Higashi Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, 141-8642
Organizer: Takuya Kimura (Seisen University)

The program

The program where the presentations done in English are highlighted in yellow

To all participants

Registration for the reception

Childcare services

The 340th regular meeting

The 340th regular meeting will be held at Osaka Jogakuin University, Osaka, Japan, on Saturday November 30th, 2019. Further details will be announced later.
Date: November 30th, 2019 (Saturday)
Venue: Osaka Jogakuin University
(2-26-54, Tamatsukuri, Chuo-ku, Osaka, 540-0004, Japan.)
Organizer: Tomomi Otsuka (Osaka Jogakuin University)

The 339th Regular Meeting

Date: Saturday, June 1st, 2019
Venue: Daito Bunka Kaikan Cultural Hall (Daito Bunka University)
(2-4-21 Tokumaru, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo 175-0083, Japan)
5-minute walk from Tōbu-Nerima Station of the Tōbu-Tōjō Line
Organizer: Kiyoko Yoneyama (Daito Bunka University)
Registration: No registration required. Free admission.
Contact information: Planning Committee

Welcoming speech (13:00-13:10)

I. Oral presentations(13:10-16:00)

  1. 13:10-13:50
    “Perception of aspiration of word-medial stops in Mongolian”
    (Presentation in Japanese)
    Naoki Ueta (Osaka University / Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS))
  2. 13:50-14:30
    “Perception of varieties of English by professional interpreters”
    (Presentation in Japanese)
    Tomohiko Ooigawa (Nihon University), Kinuko Takahashi (Osaka Jogakuin University)
<14:30-14:40 Break>
  1. 14:40-15:20
    “Statistical modeling of natives’ implicit knowledge of accentuation and its use for quantitative analysis of learners’ acquisition of the implicit knowledge”
    (Presentation in Japanese)
    Li Qiao (Dalian University of Technology / University of Tokyo), Li Motong (Osaka University), Minematsu Nobuaki (The University of Tokyo)
  2. 15:20-16:00
    “Development of vowel devoicing in Japanese: A case study of a 1-year-old child”
    (Presentation in English)
    Manami Hirayama (Seikei University)
<16:00-16:10 Break>

II. Special presentation (16:10-17:40)

“What is phonetic substance? Insight from individual differences in speech production“
(Presentation in English)
Keith Johnson (University of California, Berkeley)
  • 16:10-17:10 Presentation
  • 17:10-17:40 Questions and discussion
  • Call for Oral/Poster Presentations for the 33rd General Meeting of PSJ

    The information of the 33rd General Meeting is as follows.
    Date: Saturday, September 28 – Sunday, September 29, 2019
    Venue: Seisen University (3-16-21 Higashi Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, 141-8642)
    Organizer: Takuya Kimura (Seisen University)

    Submission for oral/poster presentations (both to be held in the afternoon of Day 1) and workshop proposals (morning of Day 2) is now open. Please read the submission guidelines carefully and submit your oral/poster presentation proposals through the electronic submission page.

    Call for oral/poster presentations

    Please submit your proposals through the following website.
    Submissions should be sent in both PDF and MS Word (or text file) formats.

    ◆Submission system website◆

    Deadline: Thursday, June 13th, 2019 (23:59 Japan Standard Time).
    • You should receive a confirmation e-mail after your submission.
    • If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail, your submission may be incomplete or your registered e-mail address incorrect.
    • Please contact the Meeting Helpdesk before June 13th if you encounter any other problem.
    ◆Phonetic Society of Japan, General Meeting Helpdesk◆

    Information necessary for submission

    • Name and affiliation of all the presenters (in Japanese and English)
      • Affiliation for graduate students should be “XX University, Graduate School of XX)
    • Preferred presentation type (oral/poster)
      • Oral presentations will be allocated approximately 30 minutes including time for discussion questions, while poster presentations will be allocated about 90 minutes (exact time allocation may be subject to change and will be confirmed later).
    • Target language (please choose from the following)
      • Japanese (standard/Tokyo dialect), Japanese (other dialects), Japanese education, English/English education, Korean/Korean education, Chinese/Chinese education, Others
    • Area of research (please choose from the following)
      • Vowels, consonants, accent/tone, intonation, rhythm, others
    • Language of presentation (Japanese/English)
    • Title of presentation in Japanese
    • Title of presentation in English
    • Abstract
      • Up to 800 Japanese characters or 400 English words
      • Please submit your abstract in MS-Word (or textfile or TeX) and PDF in A4 paper format, and upload both files through the online submission system.
      • Please download the MS-Word format from:
    • Whether you would like to be considered for an Outstanding Presentation Award.(Yes/No)

    Guideline for submission

    1. The presenter must be a member of the Phonetic Society of Japan.
      Non-members may submit if the first author is a member.
      The first author must be a member of the society at the time of submission.
      Please check whether the first author has paid the annual membership fees for the current year at the time of submission.
      Submission may be cancelled if the membership fees of the first author remain unpaid by the submission deadline.

      Please see for details.

    2. Only one submission (oral or poster) is permitted as first author.
    3. If the first author is eligible for consideration for an Outstanding Presentation Award (either he/she is a graduate student or younger than 41 years old as of September 15th, 2019), please let us know whether you would like to be considered for this award.
    4. Papers submitted to or scheduled to be submitted to other conferences will not be accepted.
    5. The abstract should include results available at the time of submission.
      Papers with only experiment plans will not be accepted.
    6. Applicants may choose the presentation type (oral or poster), but if you put a check mark on the “open to change”, the final decision will be made by the committee.
    7. Notification of acceptance will be sent around July 10th, 2019.
      If accepted, please submit the full paper in PDF format by Thursday, August 8th, 2019 via the online submission system.
      Late submission may not be published on the website.
      Please note that the papers will be uploaded to the website the way they are submitted (i.e., they will not be edited).
    8. The paper format is the same for oral and poster presentations (less than 6 pages on A4 paper).
    9. Languages which can be used for the presentation are limited to Japanese and English. If accepted, please write the paper in the language specified at the time of submission, and give your presentation in that language.
    10. Distribution of additional materials on the day of the presentation is not allowed.
    11. The proceedings will be made public on the PSJ website prior to the conference venue. We will not provide any hard copies.
    12. Abstracts will be published in the Journal of the Phonetic Society of Japan after the conference venue.
    13. Details for poster presentations, including poster size, will be announced shortly.
    14. Revisions to abstracts and papers will not be accepted after submission.
    (Planning Committee) 

    The 339th Regular Meeting –Call for Oral Presentations–

     Submission for oral presentations is now open. Submission is limited to members who have paid the annual membership fee for 2019.
    Professor Keith Johnson (University of California at Berkeley) will be giving a special lecture. Submission for symposium is not available.
    Date: Saturday, Jun 1st, 2019
    Venue: Daito Bunka Kaikan Cultural Hall (Daito Bunka University)
    (2-4-21 Tokumaru, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo 175-0083, Japan)
    Organizer: Professor Kiyoko Yoneyama

    ―Call for oral presentations―

     Submission for oral presentations (40 minutes, including Q&A. Submission should be original research that has not been published elsewhere) is now open. Please send the information below by email by Friday, April 26th, 2019 to in both PDF and MSWord formats. Please insert “Submission for 339th Regular Meeting” in the email subject and “339th Regular Meeting (Presenter’s name)” as the file name. Please embed all fonts in the PDF file. Notification of acceptance will be sent by around May 7th after the reviewing process.
    1. Names of presenters in Japanese
    2. Names of presenters in English
    3. Affiliations of presenters in Japanese
    4. Affiliations of presenters in English
    5. Names and contact information (email) of persons in charge of receiving notification of acceptance
    6. Title of presentation (a Japanese title is not needed if the presentation is to be given in English)
    7. Abstract (about 400 characters in Japanese, or about 200 words in English)
    8. Equipment necessary for presentation (laptop and projector excluded)
    (Planning Committee)

    【Important】Summary of “The Phonetic Society of Japan finance remediation measures”

    You can now read “The Phonetic Society of Japan finance remediation measures” on the Journal of the Phonetic Society of Japan.
    Please read the following for a summary.

    Measure 1: Accepted papers will be electronically released sequentially and will be collectively published as “Journal of the Phonetic Society of Japan” at the end of the year.
    We would like to explain once again of the definition of “sequentially” as this term may have caused misunderstandings. Papers accepted up until April will be made public on J-STAGE in April, papers accepted up until August will be made public in August, and papers accepted up until December will be made public in December.

    Measure 2: Mailing of “Journal of the Phonetic Society of Japan” will be optional.
    The journal will be mailed only to members who select “yes” to “Would you like to have the journal mailed to you?” (*wording may change) when they pay the annual membership fee. The journal is published once a year. Please be aware that the journal will not be mailed to you if you do not select “yes”. We are now working on the configuration of MyPage, where you will be able to change and check your settings for this feature.

    We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

    Satoshi IMAIZUMI, PSJ President
    March 2019

    The 33rd General Meeting (date and venue)

    The 33rd General Meeting will be held at:第33回全国大会は,以下の日程で開催予定です。
    • Date: September 28th (Saturday), 29th (Sunday)
    • Venue: Seisen University (Tokyo)

    The 29th Phonetics Seminar: Fundamentals of speech recording and perception

    The following phonetics seminar will be jointly held by the Phonetic Society of Japan and the Acoustical Society of Japan.
    Registration will close after reaching 100 participants. Please register at your earliest convenience.
    Organizer: The Phonetic Society of Japan, Planning Committee
    The Acoustical Society of Japan, Research Committee on Speech Communication
    Date: 13:00 ~ 16:00, Friday, March 22nd, 2019
    Topic: Foundations of speech recording and perception
    Content: This seminar aims to cover once again the fundamentals of speech recording and perception necessary for conducting research in speech sciences.
    Lecturer: Professor Hideki KAWAHARA (Wakayama University)
    Professor Minoru TSUZAKI (Kyoto City University of Arts)
    Professor Ken-ichi SAKAKIBARA (Health Sciences University of Hokkaido)
    Venue: Room B107, Building 8, Waseda Campus, Waseda University
    • Please refrain from contacting the venue.
    Co-host: Institute of Language and Speech Science, Waseda University
    Fee: Participation fee: 1000 yen (member), 2000 yen (non-member)
    Capacity: 100
    Registration: Please register by sending an email message to the following address:
    E-mail address:

    Please write “Registration for 29th Phonetic Seminar” in the subject.
    Please include the following information in the main text.
    • Name:
    • Member/Non-member of the Phonetic Society of Japan/the Acoustical Society of Japan:
    Contact information: Mariko KUNO, The Phonetic Society of Japan (
    Takayuki ARAI, The Acoustical Society of Japan (

    ご案内ポスター PSJ_29th_Seminar_2019_03.pdf (352kB)