Table of Contents (Vol.9)

Vol.9 No.1
Title Author page
Feature Articles: Asymmetries in Phonology
Preface Haruo KUBOZONO 3
Asymmetries in Japanese Phonology Haruo KUBOZONO 5
Asymmetries in Mimetic Phonology Akio NASU 20
Asymmetry of medial approximants j and w in Japanese TAKAYAMA Tomoaki 30
On the Asymmetry in the Adaptation Pattern of German Umlaut in Japanese Katrin DOHLUS 39
Research Articles
Glottal Opening Pattern in Devoiced Tokens by an Osaka Dialect Speaker Masako FUJIMOTO 50
An acoustic study of lax and forced alveolar fricatives in Korean in the intervocalic position and other positions Miho NIGO, Makoto TAKEDA and Yukie MASUKO 60
Research Notes
Perception of Coda Consonants by Japanese Learners of English Akira ENOMOTO 73
Effect of Time Order Error on perception of Japanese geminate consinants Katsumi NAGAI 85
Vol.9 No.2
Title Author page
Feature Articles: CALL Systems and Acoustic Analysis
Preface Masatake DANTSUJI 3
The Effectiveness of CALL in Speech Learning in Second Language Acquisition Masatake DANTSUJI and Yasushi TSUBOTA 5
CALL and Acoustic Analysis Shozo MAKINO 16
Speech Processing Technology for CALL Seiichi NAKAGAWA 28
Speech Prosody and CALL Keikichi HIROSE 38
The Effect of Self-monitoring on Acquisition of Japanese Initiak Voiced Plosives by Korean L2 Learners Seokyung PARK, Yasushi TSUBOTA, Masatake DANTSUJI, and Mitsuru OHKI 47
Research Articles
Perception of a Japanese Geminate Stop: the Effect of the Duration of the Preceding/Following Vowel Etsuko OFUKA, Toko MORI and Shigeru KIRITANI 59
Vol.9 No.3
Title Author page
Tributes to the Memory of the Late Professor Teruo HIRAYAMA Shigeru KIRITANI, Miyoko SUGITO, Ichiro OSHIMA, Seizo AOYAGI 3
Feature Articles: Conservation and Publication of Sound Data
Preface Nobuko KIBE 11
DVD version Speech Database of the Dialects all over Japan Miyoko SUGITO and Kazuhiko KAKEHI 14
The Audio Database of Ryukyuan Language: Documentation and Archival Preservation of the Endangered Language Ryukyuan Shigehisa KARIMATA 23
The Way of Recording and Writing the Akita Dialect in “Akita no Kotoba: CD-ROM Version” Mizuho HIDAKA 29
Compiling the Talking Dictionary of the Bonin Islands Language Daniel LONG 37
Speaking Linguistics Atlas Shinsuke KISHIE and Yuko ISHIDA 44
Research Notes
On the Speech Database of Three Year’s Prattle and Chat By Baby Emi and her Mother Miyoko SUGITO 52