Table of Contents (Vol.7)

Vol.7 No.1
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Feature Articles : Issues in Historical Phonology
Preface Akiko Matsumori 3
The Indo-European Laryngeal Theory and Ablaut Kazuhiko Yoshida 5
Issues in Chinese Historical Phonology Mitsuaki Endo 14
Topics in the Historical Phonology of Korean Rei Fukui 23
Issues in Japanese Historical Phonology Michiaki Takayama 35
The Views of Japanese Accent and its Historical Study Kazuaki Ueno 47
Research Articles
Comparison of Vowel Devoicing for Speakers of Tokyo- and Kinki Dialects Masako Fujimoto and Shigeru Kiritani 58
Research Notes
Perception of a Japanese Geminate Stop /tt/: the Effect of Pitch Type and Acoustic Characteristics of Preceding/Following Vowels Etsuko Ofuka 70
Vol.7 No.2
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Feature Articles : Phonetics and Phonology of Language Acquisition
Preface Haruo Kubozono and Yasuhiko Sukegawa 3
L1 Acquisition
Acquisition of Phpnology and Language Universals Haruo Kubozono 5
Language-Specific and Language-Universal Aspects of Lingual Obustruent Productions in Japanese-Acquiring Children Mary E. Beckman, Kiyoko Yoneyama, and Jan Edwards 18
Perception and Acquisition of Rhythmic Units by Infants Akiko Hayashi 29
Phonological Theory and Phonological Acquisition Mitsuhiko Ota 35
L2 Acquisition
Acquisition of Japanese Accent and Intonation by Foreign Lerners Ayusawa Takako 47
Acquisition of Segments in Japanese by Foreign Learners Tanomu Kashima 59
Acquisition of Special Morae in Japanese as a Second Language Takako Toda 70
Awareness of L2 Syllable Structures:The Case of L2 Japanese and English Motoko Ueyama 84
Research Articles
An Examination of Adjective Accent Change in Tokyo Japanese and Factors Influencing the Change Megumi Kobayashi 101
Onset and Tone Pattern of Nouns in the Seoul Dialect of Korean Youichi Nagato 114
Vol.7 No.3
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Feature Articles : Phonetics and Speech Technology
Preface Nick Campbell 3
Mulit-tier Linuguistics Annotation: Transcending the “Beads-on-a-String” Paradigm of Spoken Language Steven Greenberg 5
Phonetic Labeling of the ‘Corpus of Spontaneous Japanese’ KIKUCHI Hideaki, MAEKAWA Kikuo, IGARASHI Yosuke, YONEYAMA Kiyoko and FUJIMOTO Masako 16
Production Mechanism of Voice Quality in Singing Ken-Ichi Sakakibara 27
Parameterisation and Control of Laryngeal Voice Quality Parham Mokhtari 40
Inside the Mouth: Using of Ultrasonagraphy for Analyzing Dynamics of the Speech Organs Yoshitaka Nakajima 55
Research Articles
Vowel Devoicing in Korean and Japanese by Korean Lerners of Japanese Hi-Gyung Byun 67
Corpus-based statistical analysis of production and perception of Japanese English in view of phonemic and lexical structure of American English Nobuaki Minematsu, Gakuto Kurata and Keikichi Hirose 77
Research Notes
Tone of Loanwords in Kagoshima Japanese Nobuko Kibe and Yumi Hashimoto 92
Development of Metalinguistic Awareness of Syllable Morae in the Case of Young Children: Comparison between Children living in Fukaura and those in Yokohama Yoko Arashi 101