Table of Contents (Vol.6)

Vol.6 No.1
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Aspects of Loanword Phonology
Preface Haruo Kubozono 3
Perceptual Influences in Cantonese Loanword Phonology Moira Yip 4
An Overview of Korean Loanword Phonology Kyung-Ae Choi 22
Lexical Strata as a Part of Grammar Koichi Tateishi 34
Some Issues in Historical Phonology of Sino-Japanese Tomoaki Takayama 44
Consonant Gemination in Loanwords Itsue Kawagoe, Masako Arai 53
Decomposition into Syllable Complexes and the Accenting of Japanese Borrowed Words Hirokazu Sato 67
Prosodic Structure of Loanwords in Japanese : Syllable Structure, Accent and Morphology Haruo Kubozono 79
Research Articles
The Prosodic Structure of Simple Abbreviated Loanwords in Japanese : A Constraint-based Account Laurence Labrune 98
Formation of Three-mora Compound Abbreviations Yoko Mori 121
Vol.6 No.2
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Cognitive Science and Phonetic Research
Preface Takashi Otake 3
Speech Perception and Cognitive Science Kazuhiko Kakehi 4
How Phonology Works in Processing Written Words and Sentences Shuhei Kadota 11
Lexicon and Its Stored Representations for Lexical Access Kiyoko Yoneyama 23
Cognitive Science and Pitch Accent Studies Mafuyu Kitahara 35
Speech Rhythm and its Relation to Issues in Phonetics and Cognitive Science Keiichi Tajima
A Role of Prosody in Spoken-Word Recognition Takashi Otake 56
Research Articles
The Possible Preferential Cues of Infants’ Response toward Their Native Dialects
Evidenced by a Behavioral Experiment and Acoustical Analysis
Ryoko Mugitani, Akiko Hayashi and Shigeru Kiritani 75
Glide/Vowel Alternations in Standard Arabic Weak Verbs Yuji Kuwamoto 75
Effects of Pitch Accent and Syllable Position in Identifying Japanese Long and Short Vowels: Comparison on English and Korean Speakers Yasuyo Minagawa-Kawai, kikuo Maekawa and Shigeru Kiritani 88
Research Notes
Phonetic Variation in Loanwords: n-/r- Variation in Japanese of Hong Kong Cantonese Speakers Lee, Wood-Hung and Kenichiro Murashima 98
Vol.6 No.3
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Feature Articles : Variation of Speech
Preface Junko Hibiya 3
Yod-Dropping in an English Accent J. K. Chambers 4
Speakers’ Variable and Tonal Variation in a Dialect Contact Situation Ichiro Ota 12
A Variationist Study of Prosodic Focus in Naturally Occurring Interactions : the Case of the Negative "-nai" in Hokkaido Japanese Shoji Takano 25
Study of Language Variation using Corpus of Spontaneous Japanese Kikuo Maekawa 48
Regional Differentiation of Linguistic Variation Junko Hibiya 60
Research Articles
Recognition of Stop /d/ and Flap /r/ by Japanese Native Speakers and Taiwanese Learners of Japanese : Using Closure Duration, Spike Strength and Spike (Transition) Duration as Variables Chiu-Yen Liu 69
Prominence Variations inside Compounds : A Case Study of English Self-Compounds Yoshiharu Kumagai 79
Danish Vowel Inventory and Dispersion Theory Kazutaka Kurisu 93