Table of Contents (Vol.3)

Vol.3 No.1
Title Author page
“Interfaces between Phonetics and Other Areas of Linguistic Research”
Preface Kikuo Maekawa 3
Are Interface Studies Possible? Koichi Tateishi 4
Allophony: The Phonology-Phonetics Interface Kensuke Nanjo 20
The Predictability of Diachronic Sound Changes in Phonological Theory: The Case of sC Clusters Noriko Yamane 29
Studies on Rhythm in Speech Production and Perception as an Interface Between Phonetics and Cognitive Science Mafuyu Kitahara 41
Translation of IPA into Braille Kohjiro Hisabe 48
Research Articles
NC Patterns in Catalan: Constraints on Underlying Forms Hideki Zamma 55
On Disfluencies of Stutterers and Nonstutterers in Japanese Akira Ujihira 65
Vol.3 No.2
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“Contrasting English and Japanese Phonetics”
Preface Kikuo Maekawa 3
A Study on Phonetic Characteristics of Stop Consonantss in Japanese and English Katsumasa Shimizu 4
Vowel Coarticulation in Japanese and English Yuko Kondo 11
Mechanisms of suprasegmental change in Japanese and English: An analysis of variation in word accent Noriko Hattori 22
A Study of Japanese Speech Timing from the Syllable Perspective Nick Campbell 29
The Phonetic Differences between Japanese and English: The Characteristics of English Pronunciation by Japanese Speakers Tsutomu Sato 40
Research Articles
An acoustic study of lax and forced alveolar fricatives in Korean in word initial position and preceded by a consonant Makoto Takeda, Miho Nigo and Yukie Masuko 51
Poetic Rhythm In English Kazuyuki Watanabe 72
Vol.3 No.3
Title Author page
“Phonetics of Interlanguage”
Preface Satoshi Toki 3
Interlanguage Studies: Japanese learners’ sound systems Takako Ayusawa 4
Pitch Realization of 2/3-Mora-Words by Brazilian Learners of Japanese Yasuhiko Sukegawa 13
Phonetic Education of Japanese for Korean Speakers Hiroshi Matsuzaki 26
Chinese Dialects Which Encourage Acquisition of Japanese Phonetic Recognition for Chinese-speaking Learners Nobuko Wang 36
The Pronunciation of Japanese by American Students Tanomu Kashima 43
Research Articles
Voicing in Onomatopoeia and the Markedness of [p] Akio Nasu 52
Perception of Naturalness and Vowel Categories of Whispered Vowels Masahiro Matsuda, Hiroki Mori and Hideki Kasuya 67
Yukinori Takubo, Kikuo Maekawa, Haruo Kubozono, Kiyoshi Honda, Katsuhiko Shirai, Seiichi Nakagawa : Iwanami Kouza, Gengo no Kagaku2, Onsei Hiroshi Usami 76
Congress Report
Congress Report: 14th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences Kikuo Maekawa, Keiichi Tajima, Katsumasa Shimizu, Shinobu Masaki and Hiroaki Kato 80