Table of Contents (Vol.25)

Vol.25 (Published: April 30 2021)
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Research Articles
Articulation Rate of People Who Do and Who Do Not Stutter:
Comparison between Oral Reading and Speech Shadowing
Arongna, Keiko OCHI, Naomi SAKAI, Hiroaki HATANO and Koichi MORI 1
Analyses of Voice Quality and Acoustic Features in Japanese and Chinese Emotional Speech:
Japanese Native Speakers and Mandarin Chinese Learners
Xinyue LI, Carlos Toshinori ISHI and Ryoko HAYASHI 9
Influence of Vocative Intonation on Address Nouns:
The Case of the Onotsu Dialect of Kikai Ryukyuan
Rihito SHIRATA 23
Feature Articles: International Transmission of the Best Papers Published in the Journal of the Phonetic Society of Japan
Acoustic Characteristics for Japanese Stops in Word-initial Position:
VOT and Post-stop fo
Hi-Gyung BYUN 41
Vol.25 (Published: January 31 2022)
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Research Articles
Children’s Speech Inaccuracies and Developmental Change:
An Elicited Production Study in 5- to 13-year-old Japanese Children
Kyoji IWAMOTO 67
Research Notes
Do Labial Consonants Evoke the Images of Softness and Cuteness Cross-linguistically?:
An Experiment with Chinese and Korean Speakers
Gakuji KUMAGAI and Changyun MOON 87
Thai Speakers’ Mispronunciation of Japanese Singleton and Geminate Stops Kimiko YAMAKAWA and Shigeaki AMANO 97
Vol.25 (Published: July 31 2022)
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Research Articles
Fusion and Non-fusion Accents of Japanese Compound Nouns:
The Effect of Focusing on the Meaning of the Posterior Element
Xi CHEN 110
Phonetic Characteristics of Bengali Voiceless Sibilants:
An Acoustic-Phonetic Approach
Mikiko SAKAEGAWA, Fangsheng CHEN and Akira UTSUGI 119
Perception of Spanish Lexical Stress in Rising Intonationby L1 Spanish Speakers and Japanese Learners of L3 Spanish Takuya KIMURA and Takayuki ARAI 131