Table of Contents (Vol.24)

Vol.24 (Published: April 30)
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Research Notes
The Phenomenon of the Loss of Accent in Japanese: Which Accented Patterns Tend to Be Affected? Rie URASOKO 1
Feature Articles: Phonetics Education
Preface Takayuki KAGOMIYA 19
English Phonetics and Teacher Training: Designing a Phonetics Course for Japanese Preservice Teachers Junko SUGIMOTO and Yoko UCHIDA 22
Improvements to Phonetic Education That Would Aid in Teaching Japanese Pitch Accent: Suggestions from a Questionnaire Survey of Japanese Language Teachers Kumi KANAMURA 36
Vol.24 (Published: August 31)
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Research Notes
Sound-symbolic Effects of Voiced Obstruents and Mora Counts on Monster Names in Digital Monster and Monster Hunter and on the Spell Names in Final Fantasy Gakuji KUMAGAI, Kazuaki YOSHITAKE, Hiromu TANJI and Takuya MATSUHASHI 63
Vol.24 (Published: December 30)
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Research Articles
Longitudinal Collection of English Speech Produced by Japanese Elementary School Children and Acoustic and Temporal Analysis of Their Vowel Production Tsuneo KATO and Seiichi YAMAMOTO 71
The combined Perception of Socio-affective Prosody: Cultural Differences in Pattern Matching Takaaki SHOCHI, Marine GUERRY, Albert RILLIARD, Donna ERICKSON and Jean-Luc ROUAS 84