Table of Contents (Vol.23)

Vol.23 (Published: April 30)
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Research Articles
Evaluation of the Prosodic Naturalness of Japanese Learners’ Utterances after Practicing with OJAD Suzuki-kun Hiroko DATE, Noriko NAKAMURA and Nobuaki MIMEMATSU 6
Using MyVoice in Phonetic Educations: A Questionnaire Study Shigeto KAWAHARA and Tomoko MONOU 22
Feature Articles: Phonetics and Phonology of Tibeto-Burman Languages
Preface Hiroyuki SUZUKI 26
Tone in Nyato nDrapa Satoko SHIRAI 29
Laryngeal Contrast and Tone in Tamang: An Analysis Based on a New Set of Tamang Data Hyun Kyung HWANG, Seunghun J. LEE, Pascal GERBER and Selin GROLLMANN 41
Notes on Constrictive and Non-constrictive Vowels in the Yi Languages:According to the Results of Acoustic Analyses Kazue IWASA 51
Acoustics of the Four-way Laryngeal Contrast in Drenjongke (Bhutia): Observations and Implications Seunghun J. LEE, Shigeto KAWAHARA, Céleste GUILLEMOT and Tomoko MONOU 65
/ɧ/ in Amdo Tibetan: Descriptive and Historical Approaches Hiroyuki SUZUKI, Tsering Samdrup, Niangwujia (Nyingbo-Gyal), Jixiancairang (Chaksham Tsering) and Sonam Wangmo 76
Voiced Obstruents in the Eastern Dialect of Mokhwang Kadu HUZIWARA Keisuke 83
Vol.23 (Published: August 31)
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Research Articles
The Tone Sandhi Domain of Shanghai Chinese: A Quantitative Analysis Using Conversation Text Yasunori TAKAHASHI 98
Research Notes
Inferring Pokémon Types Using Sound Symbolism: The Effects of Voicing and Labiality Shigeto KAWAHARA and Gakuji KUMAGAI 111
Feature Articles: Sounds of Romance Languages
Preface Takuya KIMURA 117
Categorical Perception of Spanish /y/ by Native Speakers of Japanese and Subjective Evaluation of Various Realizations of /y/ by Native Speakers of Spanish Takuya KIMURA 119
Tongue Height, Vowel Quality and Nasality in Québec French: An Acoustic and Articulatory Study Michael DOW, Mark GIBSON and Charles JOHNSON 130
Misperception of Italian Singleton and Geminate Obstruents by Native Japanese Speakers Kimiko TSUKADA and John HAJEK 148
Vol.23 (Published: December 30)
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Research Articles
Occurrence Conditions of Delayed Fundamental Frequency fall in Japanese Word of Tokyo Dialect Speakers Tatsuya KITAMURA, Yuta AMAKAWA and Hiroaki HATANO 165
Acoustic Characteristics for Japanese Stops in Word-initial Position: VOT and Post-stop fo Hi-Gyung BYUN 174
The Tribute to the Memory of the Late Professor Hiroyuki UMEDA Megumi NAKAYAMA, Shigeko SUGIURA and Akira UTSUGI 198