Table of Contents (Vol.23)

Vol.23 (Published: April 30)
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Research Articles
Evaluation of the Prosodic Naturalness of Japanese Learners’ Utterances after Practicing with OJAD Suzuki-kun Hiroko DATE, Noriko NAKAMURA and Nobuaki MIMEMATSU 6
Using MyVoice in Phonetic Educations: A Questionnaire Study Shigeto KAWAHARA and Tomoko MONOU 22
Feature Articles: Phonetics and Phonology of Tibeto-Burman Languages
Preface Hiroyuki SUZUKI 26
Tone in Nyato nDrapa Satoko SHIRAI 29
Laryngeal Contrast and Tone in Tamang: An Analysis Based on a New Set of Tamang Data Hyun Kyung HWANG, Seunghun J. LEE, Pascal GERBER and Selin GROLLMANN 41
Notes on Constrictive and Non-constrictive Vowels in the Yi Languages:According to the Results of Acoustic Analyses Kazue IWASA 51
Acoustics of the Four-way Laryngeal Contrast in Drenjongke (Bhutia): Observations and Implications Seunghun J. LEE, Shigeto KAWAHARA, Céleste GUILLEMOT and Tomoko MONOU 65
/ɧ/ in Amdo Tibetan: Descriptive and Historical Approaches Hiroyuki SUZUKI, Tsering Samdrup, Niangwujia (Nyingbo-Gyal), Jixiancairang (Chaksham Tsering) and Sonam Wangmo 76
Voiced Obstruents in the Eastern Dialect of Mokhwang Kadu HUZIWARA Keisuke 83
Vol.23 (Published: August 31)
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Research Articles
The Tone Sandhi Domain of Shanghai Chinese: A Quantitative Analysis Using Conversation Text Yasunori TAKAHASHI 98
Research Notes
Inferring Pokémon Types Using Sound Symbolism: The Effects of Voicing and Labiality Shigeto KAWAHARA and Gakuji KUMAGAI 111
Feature Articles: Sounds of Romance Languages
Preface Takuya KIMURA 117
Categorical Perception of Spanish /y/ by Native Speakers of Japanese and Subjective Evaluation of Various Realizations of /y/ by Native Speakers of Spanish Takuya KIMURA 119
Tongue Height, Vowel Quality and Nasality in Québec French: An Acoustic and Articulatory Study Michael DOW, Mark GIBSON and Charles JOHNSON 130
Misperception of Italian Singleton and Geminate Obstruents by Native Japanese Speakers Kimiko TSUKADA and John HAJEK 148