Table of Contents (Vol.22)

Vol.22 No.1
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Research Articles
Phrase Initial Pitch Rising Caused by Parallelism or Focus Markers in Tokyo, Okayama City and Kochi City Dialects Rintaro TAKAYAMA 1
Research Notes
The Phonetic Structure of Dzongkha: A Preliminary Study Seunghun LEE and Shigeto KAWAHARA 13
Feature Articles: International Transmission of the Best Papers Published in the Journal of the Phonetic Society of Japan
Weakening of Stop Articulation in Japanese Voiced Plosives Kikuo MAEKAWA 21
Phonetic Shape and Linguistic Function of Penultimate Non-Lexical Prominence Kikuo MAEKAWA 35
Semantic Effects of Nouns on Tone Merger: The Ikema Dialect of Miyako Ryukyuan Yosuke IGARASHI 52
A Tribute to the Memory of the Late Professor Arthur Seymour ABRAMSON Donna ERICKSON 70
Vol.22 No.2
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Research Articles
Tokyo Accent Perception Ability for Native Speakers from Different Areas Hi-Gyung BYUN 1
Phonological Factors Affecting the Perception of English Syllables and Stress Position by Native Japanese Speakers Sayoko EGUCHI and Reiko AKAHANE-YAMADA 22
Reaearch Notes
Perception of Japanese Emotional Speech by Chinese Learners Xinyue LI, Miliang LUO and Ryoko HAYASHI 31
An Evaluation of English Pronunciation of Japanese EFL Learners Using Multiple Metrics Chika FUJIYUKI, Sayoko EGUCHI and Reiko AKAHANE-YAMADA 39
Prefortis Vowel Clipping and Lexical Decision of CC(C)V(C) Words by Japanese Learners of English Katsumi NAGAI 44
Feature Articles: The Phonetics and Phonology of a Voicing Contrast
Why Study Voicing Shigeto KAWAHARA, Mieko TAKADA, Toshio MATSUURA and Michinao F. MATSUI 56
A Study on Phonetic Characteristics of Voicing Contrasts of Stop Consonants Katsumasa SHIMIZU 69
Tongue Root Positioning for Voicing vs. Contrastive Palatalization:
An Ultrasound Study of Russian Word-Initial Coronal Stops
Mayuki MATSUI and Alexei KOCHETOV 81
Articulatory Characteristics of Geminate Plosives of Kumamoto Dialect:
A Case Study Using MRI
Masako FUJIMOTO and Shigeko SHINOHARA 95
The Phonetic Details of Voiced Geminates in the Kumamoto Dialect:
The Effects of Generation and Gender
Mieko TAKADA 109
Acquisition of Sound Symbolic Values of Vowels and Voiced Obstruents by Japanese Children: Using a Pokémonastics Paradigm Shigeto KAWAHARA, Miwa ISOBE, Yukino KOBAYASHI,Tomoko MONOU and Reiko OKABE 122
Voice Onset Time of Word-Initial Stops and Affricates in Khalkha Mongolian Naoki UETA 131
Distribution of Closure Voicing Ratio in the Murayama Dialect ofYamagata Japanese Toshio MATSUURA 141
Vol.22 No.3
Title Author page
Research Articles
Accents of Some Dialects Near to Izuta Shrine, Kochi Prefecture Rintaro TAKAYAMA 1
Reaearch Notes
Expansion of an Accentual Unit in the Kamifukami Dialect Spoken in Yatsushiro City, Kumamoto Prefecture Takaaki YAMADA 17
Feature Articles: Phonetic and Phonological Approaches to the Study of Singing
Preface Anastasia KARLSSON, Håkan LUNDSTRÖM and Jan-Olof SVANTESSON 29
Coordination between Lexical Tones and Melody in Traditional Kammu Singing Anastasia KARLSSON 30
Depressing Melodies: Consonants and Tone in Zulu Song Thomas M. POOLEY 42
Vowels and Vocables in Lower Tanana Athabascan Siri TUTTLE 50