Table of Contents (Vol.20)

Vol.20 No.1
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Research Articles
The Correlation between the Usage of Phonetic Learning Strategies and the Acquisition of Japanese Pronunciation under JFL Environment: An Analysis of Japanese Learners Studying at Chinese Universities Linan WU, Kazuhiro ISOMURA, Hiroaki HATANO, Kumi KANAMURA and Makiko MATSUDA 6
Research Notes
Acoustic Characteristics of “Ambiguous” Pitch Accents in Eastern Tokyo: Range of Drop in Pitch and Relative Timing of Peak Pitch Naoki HAYASHI 16
Tonal Alternations of the Kitagata Dialect in Awara City, Fukui Prefecture Kohei MATSUKURA 26
Feature Articles: International Transmission of the Best Papers Published in the Journal of the Phonetic Society of Japan
Preface Satoshi IMAIZUMI 35
On the Geminate Consonants of the Antoh Dialect in Fukui Prefecture Tetsuo NITTA 36
The Ikema Dialect of Miyako Rykyuan Has a Three-, not Two-, Pattern Accent System Yosuke IGARASHI, Tukinori TAKUBO, Yuka HAYASHI, Thomas PELLARD and Tomoyuki KUBO 47
Characteristic Patterns of Brain Activation in Adults with Developmental Stuttering in Reading Katakana Words Aloud Koichi MORI, Chang CAI, Shuntaro OKAZAKI and Minae OKADA 61
Articulatory Variability in Word-Final Japanese Moraic-Nasals: An X-ray Microbeam Study Michiko HASHI, Akina KODAMA, Takao MIURA, Shotaro DAIMON, Yuhki TAKAKURA and Ryoko HAYASHI 77
Vol.20 No.2
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Research Articles
Acoustic Analysis of Lax, Aspirated and Tense Consonants in Seoul Korean: Concerning Patterns of F0, Intensity and Formants in the Consonants Preceding/Following Vowels Heesun HAN 1
Age and Gender Differences in Voice Onset Time of Korean Word-Initial Stops Hi-Gyung BYUN 23
Segmental Lengthening in Spontaneous Japanese: Durational Variations and the Effect of Contexts Tomoko HORI and Yoko MORI 38
Effects of Adult Speech Style on Face-Scanning Behavior in Infants: Focus on Infant-Directed Singing Masahiro IMAFUKU, Kimiko OHASHI and Masako MYOWA-YAMAKOSHI 48
Research Notes
The Phonetic Characteristics of Japanese Affricates Produced by Korean Learners of Japanese: Based on the Auditory and Acoustic Analysis Suhyeon JO 58
Functions of the Sentence-Final Particle Ne with Rising Intonation: Used with Nominalized Sentences with Noda and Non-nominalized Sentences Chiho KYONO and Kaoru HORIE 68
Feature Articles: Voices “in Residue”
Preface Toshiyuki SADANOBU 77
“Residual” Voices from a Communicative Perspective: A Case Study in Japanese Idioms Kuchi-o Togaraseru (Purse One’s Lips) and Kuchi-o Yugameru (Curl One’s Lips), and their Surroundings Toshiyuki SADANOBU and Ryoko HAYASHI 79
“Residual” Voices from a Perspective of Articulatory Dynamics: A Case Study in Japanese Idioms Kuchi-o Togaraseru (Purse One’s Lips) and Kuchi-o Yugameru (Curl One’s Lips), and their Surroundings Chunyue ZHU and Toshiyuki SADANOBU 91
The Prosodic Features of the “moe” and “tsun” Voices Shigeto KAWAHARA 102
Hiroki MORI, Kikuo MAEKAWA and Hideki KASUYA, What Does Speech Convey?: Speech Science of Emotion, Paralinguistic Information, and Speaker Individuality. Corona Publishing Co., Ltd., 2014 Takayuki ARAI 111
Articulatory Variability in Word-Final Japanese Moraic-Nasals: An X-ray Microbeam Study Michiko Hashi, Akina Kodama, Takao Miura, Shotaro Daimon, Yuhki Takakura and Ryoko Hayashi 113
Vol.20 No.3
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Research Articles
A Phonetic Study of President Obama’s Utterance in Dialogues and Speeches Kazuaki ICHIZAKI 1
大学における音声学教育とマイボイス 川原 繁人・桃生 朋子・皆川 泰代 13
Feature Articles: Three-Pattern Accent in Japanese and the Rukyuan Languages
Preface Tetsuo NITTA 21
The Descriptive Studies of the Three-pattern Prosodic Systems in Okinoshima Dialect: Present and Future Akiko MATSUMORI 24
Semantic Effects of Nouns on Tone Merger: The Ikema Dialect of Miyako Ryukyuan Yosuke IGARASHI 46
The Three-Patterned Accent System in Miyako-Tarama Variety of Southern Ryukyuan: Its Properties and Accent Neutralizations Hayato AOI 66
Comparison of the Three-pattern Accent Systems in Fukui Prefecture Kohei MATSUKURA and Tetsuo NITTA 81
The Accent System of the Onotsu Dialect: From a Viewpoint of Foreign Words and Place Names Zendo UWANO 95
Synopses of the Symposium and Lecture Commemorating the Ninetieth Anniversary of the Phonetic Society of Japan
“Tsutomu Chiba (1883–1957): Aspects of his work and its context”
 The Works of Tsutomu Chiba and Masato Kajiyama in Their Historical Context Kikuo MAEKAWA 112
 Images from the Past: Re-discovering Some Lost X-Ray Data of Tsutomu Chiba
Michael ASHBY 115
 What Tsutomu Chiba Left Behind
Takayuki ARAI 117
Interacting with Phonetics—A Synopsis
Patricia ASHBY 121