Table of Contents (Vol.2)

Vol.2 No.1
Title Author page
“Features on Theories of Syllable and Mora”
Preface Shousuke Haraguchi 3
On the Universality of Mora and Syllable Haruo Kubozono 5
Mora, Syllable and Rhythm- A Psycholinguistic Study Morio Kohno 16
The Syllable Sturucture and the Distinction between o, and oz in Old Japanese Teruhiro Hayata 25
A Study of Japanese Rhythm by Means of TEMAX and Its Application in Language Teaching Takako Ayusawa, Shigeyoshi Kitazawa and Satoshi Toki 34
Syllable amd Mora Akiyoshi Kida 41
Vowel Sonority in Foot and Compound Accentuation Shin-ichi Tanaka 50
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Acoustic Characteristics of a Special Mora ‘Sokuon’ in Japanese Songs Yasuko Sakai 63
Phonetic Features of Korean Speakers of Engilish and Jaopanese: An Analysis Based on the Result of Listening and Pronunciation Tests Yasue Nakato 72
Prosodic Variation in News Reading Kazuyuki Watanabe 83
Tsutomu Akamatsu: Japanese Phonetics, Theory and Practice Minato Kawakami 89
Vol.2 No.2
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“Feature Articles: Newer Research Methods in Phonetic Science”
Preface Kikuo Maekawa 7
Trends of Articulatory Studies Based on the X-ray Microbeam System Kiyoshi Honda 8
Speech Synthesis by Mimicking Human Speech Production Masaaki Honda 19
A Very High-quality Speech Analysis-Modification-Synthesis Method Hideki Kawahara 28
Methodology Used in the Studies of Infant Speech Perception Akiko Hayashi 37
Neuromagnetic Approaches to Phonetic Science Satoshi Imaizumi 46
Visualizing Brain Activeties: PET Studies for Word Comprehension and Generation Itaru F. Tatsumi 54
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Pitch Patterns in Japanese and their influence on the distinction between voices and voiceless sound: A comparison between Korean and Japanese speakers Eun-Jung Jung and Shigeru Kiritani 64
Haruo Kubozono, Satoshi Ota : Oninkouzou to Akusento Fumiko Hashimoto 71
Vol.2 No.3
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“Feature Articles: Phonetics of African Language”
Preface Kikuo Maekawa 3
An Introduction to African Languages Ryohei Kagaya 4
A Sketch of Phonetic and Phonological Systems of Afro-Asiatic Languages: Consonantal Features Aki’o Nakano 9
Tonal Phenomena in Bantu Languages Yasutoshi Yukawa 31
Some Acoustic Characteristics of Velarization in the Zezuru Dialect of Shona Ryohei Kagaya 42
Descriptive Framework for Clicks of Khoisan Languages Hirosi Nakagawa 52
On Consonants and Vowels in Nilo-Saharan Osamu Hieda 63
Reserch Articles
Categorikal Perception of Relatively Steady-Static Speech Sound Duration in Japanese Moraic Phonemes Teruhisa Uchida 71
Consonant Gemination and Syllable Types of English: A Perceptual Test of Nonsense Words Masako Arai & Itsue Kawagoe 87
Spectrographic Study of Edo [r] & [l] V.E.Omozuwa 93