Table of Contents (Vol.18)

Vol.18 No.1
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Research Articles
Listening Strategies and Cues;
An Analysis of Three Groups: Intermediate Learners, Advanced Learners, and Native Japanese Speakers
Masako MAKITA 1
The Identification of Stops in a Coda Position by Native Speakers of American English, Korean, and Japanese Takeshi NOZAWA and Sang Yee CHEON 13
Feature Articles: Data-Driven Phonetic Analysis Using Large-Scale Corpora
Preface Kikuo MAEKAWA 28
Voicing Effect on Vowel Duration:
Corpus Analyses of Japanese Infants and Adults, and Production Data of English Learners
A Variable to Discriminate Voiceless Affricates at Word Initial in Read and Spontaneous Japanese Speech Kimiko YAMAKAWA and Shigeaki AMANO 40
Syntactic Complexity between Dependent Phrases and Their Heads Affects Filler Rate Immediately after Dependent Phrases in Japanese Michiko WATANABE and Yosuke KASHIWAGI 45
The Relationship between Boundary Pitch Movements and Syntactic Structures in Spontaneous Japanese Hanae KOISO 57
Prosodic Speaking Styles Extracted from the X-JToBI Annotation of the Corpus of Spontaneous Japanese Kikuo MAEKAWA 70
Vol.18 No.2
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Research Articles
Is There an Association of L2 Proficiency with Social and Physical Abilities? Effects of Various Types of Abilities on English Proficiency Michiko M. Sudo, Akito A. Mochizuki, Kenji Itoh and Eiji Kirino 1
Effects of Sokuon on Adjacent Vowel Duration: An Analysis of the Corpus of Spontaneous Japanese Masako Fujimoto and Kikuo Maekawa 10
Distributional Pattern of Compound Accent Observed in a Japanese Accent Dictionary and the Corpus of Spontaneous Japanese Ayako Shirose and Yonglin Zhang 23
Effects of Vowel Duration, Intensity, and Articulation Rate on Judgments of Naturalness and Intelligibility of Japanese Learners’ English Yoko Mori, Donna Erickson, Albert Rilliard and Tomoko Hori 30
Feature Articles: Articulatory Phonetics: Focus on Japanese
Preface Donna Erickson 42
Laryngeal Examination of Sokuon Using High-Speed Digital Video System and PGG: A Case Study Masako Fujimoto 44
Quantifying the Effects of Vowel Quality and Preceding Consonants on Jaw Displacement: Japanese Data Shigeto Kawahara, Hinako Masuda, Donna Erickson, Jeff Moore, Atsuo Suemitsu and Yoshiho Shibuya 54
Voicing and Tongue-Palate Contact Differences in Japanese Obstruents Alexei Kochetov 63
Jaw Displacement and Metrical Structure in Japanese: The Effect of Pitch Accent, Foot Structure, and Phrasal Stress Shigeto Kawahara, Donna Erickson, Jeff Moore, Yoshiho Shibuya and Atsuo Suemitsu 77
Comparison of Jaw Displacement Patterns of Japanese and American Speakers of English: A Preliminary Report Donna Erickson, Shigeto Kawahara, Yoshiho Shibuya, Atsuo Suemitsu and Mark Tiede 88
Articulatory Variability in Word-Final Japanese Moraic-Nasals: An X-ray Microbeam Study Michiko Hashi, Akina Kodama, Takao Miura, Shotaro Daimon, Yuhki Takakura and Ryoko Hayashi 95
Pre-speech Postures of Second-Language versus First-Language Speakers Ian Wilson and Sunao Kanada 106
Vol.18 No.3
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Research Articles
Analysis of Factors of Dephrasing Using the Corpus of Spontaneous Japanese: Effects of Grammatical Relationship and Mora-Size Miju Jeon 1
Tokyo Japanese Conjunctive, Conclusive, and Attributive Adjectival Accent
—An Analysis of the Corpus of Spontaneous Japanese—
Yukinori Tagawa and Chieko Nakagawa 14
Reconstruction of Accentual Innovations in Kyushu —Focusing on Edge Features— Nozomi Kodama 27
Investigating Diversity of Voice Attributes Using Extended Morphing Tools and Realtime Visualization Hideki Kawahara 43