Table of Contents (Vol.17)

Vol.17 No.1
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Research Notes
Perception of Japanese Accentual Pitch Fall by Seoul and Gyeongsang Dialect Speakers: Focusing on the Discreteness of Perception Tomoaki INADA 6
Feature Articles: Unveiling New Facts, Interpretations, and Solutions in English Phonology
Introduction: ‘Elsewhere’ in the ‘Richness of the Base’ in English Phonology Shin-ichi TANAKA 16
Where American English Meets German: Devoicing in Pennsylvania Dutchified English Vicki ANDERSON and Stuart DAVIS 18
Input Optimization in English Michael HAMMOND 26
Trochaic Clusters in English Takeru HONMA 38
The Duke-of-York Gambit and Other Opaque Derivations in English: Evidence for Harmonic Serialism Shin-ichi TANAKA 46
Stress Location and Comparative Forms in English Hisao TOKIZAKI 59
Review of Labrune, Laurence (2012) The Phonology of Japanese, Oxford University Press, 320p. Shin-ichi TANAKA 70
Vol.17 No.2
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Feature Articles: Analyses and Conditions of Speech Disorders
—Focusing on Stuttering and Articulation Disorders—
Preface Akira UJIHIRA 1
Simmer Parameter and Amplitude Perturbation Quotient show Difference between Stutterers and Non-Stutterers Akira UJIHIRA 4
Phonological Analysis of Functional Misarticulation from a Clinical Perspective Isao UEDA 21
Characteristic Patterns of Brain Activation in Adults with Developmental Stuttering in Reading Katakana Words Aloud Koichi MORI, Chang CAI, Shuntaro OKAZAKI and Minae OKADA 29
Treatment Featuring Direct Speech Therapy for School-Age Children Who Developed Stuttering Masamutsu KENJO 45
Implications of a Multidimensional Model of Assessment for the Treatment of Children Who Stutter E. Charles HEALEY and Norimune KAWAI 58
Characteristics of Stuttering-like Disfluencies in Japanese-Speaking Preschoolers Yoshimasa SAKATA, Akira UJIHIRA, Akiko MOCHIDA and Mariko YOSHINO 72
Stuttering Patterns in Japanese and English Preschool-Aged and School-Aged Children —as a Progress Report— Matthew SMITH and Peter HOWELL 83
Vol.17 No.3
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Research Articles
Selective Adaptation and Corollary Discharge in Mouthed Inner Speech Mark SCOTT 1
Effect of Schemed Acting Directions on Speech Expressions: Toward the Achievement of Expressive Acted Speech Takahiro MIYAJIMA, Hideaki KIKUCHI, Katsuhiko SHIRAI and Shigeki OKAWA 10
Feature Articles: Infants’Strategies for Acquisition of Speech
Preface Yasuyo MINAGAWA 24
Fifty Years of Infant Vowel Discrimination Research: What Have We Learned? Sho TSUJI and Alejandrina CRISTIA
Computational Approaches to the Acquisition of Phoneme Categories Andrew MARTIN 37
Correlations between Word Lengths and Word Acquisition Times and Periods of Infants and Toddlers Yasuhiro MINAMI and Tessei KOBAYASHI 44
Brain Development Underlying Spoken Language Acquisition Fumitaka HOMAE 54
Development of Behavioral and Neural Responses to Japanese Lexical Pitch Accent and Phonemic Vowel Length Yutaka SATO 65
Developmental Changes in Infants’ Use of Audio-Visual Information for Speech Produced by Mother and Stranger Noriko MORISAWA, Yoko HAKUNO and Yasuyo MINAGAWA 77