Table of Contents (Vol.16)

Vol.16 No.1
Title Author page
A Tribute to the Memory of the Late Professor Miyoko SUGITO Takashi INUKAI・Nobuko NAKAJI 1
Research Articles
An Acoustic Phonetic Analysis of Two Varieties of Hateruma Dialect Giuseppe PAPPALARDO 6
Review Articles
Ramsey’s Theory and Issues in Historical Study of Japanese Accent:
A Critical Review of de Boer (2010)
Tatsuya HIRAKO 16
Research Notes
Toward a Categorized Vocabulary for Ryukyuan Field Research Akiko MATSUMORI 30
Feature Articles: Current Studies on N-pattern Accent
Preface Tetsuo NITTA 41
What is an N-pattern Accent? Zendo UWANO 44
Accent of the Kokonogi Dialect in Echizen Town, Fukui Prefecture Tetsuo NITTA 63
Comparison of Two-Pattern Accent Systems of the Southwest Kyushu
Accent of Particles/Auxiliary Verbs
Nobuko KIBE 80
The Accent of Koshikijima Japanese Haruo KUBOZONO 93
Word Prosody of Alphabet-Related Words in Nagasaki Japanese Toshio MATSUURA 105
Two-pattern Accent Systems in Yakushima:
Prosodic Analysis Based on Corpora of Spontaneous Speech
Nozomi KODAMA 119
The Ikema Dialect of Miyako Ryukyuan Has a Three-, not Two-, Pattern Accent System Yosuke IGARASHI, Yukinori TAKUBO, Yuka HAYASHI, Thomas PELLARD and Tomoyuki KUBO 134
The Accent Systems of Sacheon Dialect and Sancheong Dialect, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea Youngsuk KANG 149
Vol.16 No.2
Title Author page
A Tribute to the Memory of the Late Professor Shosuke HARAGUCHI Isao UEDA, Takeru HONMA 1
Research Articles
The Identification of Nasals in a Coda Position by Native Speakers of American English, Korean and Japanese Takeshi NOZAWA, Sang Yee CHEON 5
Perceptions of Japanese Geminate Stops among Taiwanese Learners of Japanese Hsin-Yi HUNG 15
The Acquisition of Japanese Vowel Length Contrast by Indonesian Native Speakers:Evidence from Perception and Production Franky R. NAJOAN, Noriko YOKOYAMA, Kazuhiro ISOMURA, Yo USAMI, Yoshiko KUBOTA 28
Vol.16 No.3
Title Author page
Research Articles
Effects of Consonantal Environment and Speech Rate on Vowel Devoicing: An Analysis of Glottal Opening Pattern Masako FUJIMOTO 1
Stress Typicality Effects in Spoken Word Recognition by Japanese Learners of English: Evidence from an Onset-Gating Task Shuichi AMANO
Feature Articles: Keihan-Type Accent Systems
Preface Shiro KORI 28
On the Situation of the Merger in Class 4 and 5 Bimoraic Nouns, and the Disappearance Tendency of the Low-Begining Unaccented Category Shinsuke KISHIE and Mami MURATA 34
On the Accent of Two-Mora + Two-Mora Native Japanese Compound Nouns in the Kyoto Dialect Yukihiko NAKAI 47
Acoustic Characteristics of the Low-beginning Type Accent in the Osaka Dialect Shiro KORI 59
Is It Possible to Define Kakoo-Shiki (Falling Pitch Register) in Terms of Its Phonetic Properties? Kenji YOSHIDA 79