Table of Contents (Vol.15)

Vol.15 No.1
Title Author page
A Tribute to the Memory of the Late Profesor Ichiro OSHIMA Mariko Kuno・Makoto Kuno 1
Research Articles
On the Geminate Consonants of the Antoh Dialect in Fukui Prefecture Tetsuo NITTA 6
Phonetic Shape and Linguistic Function of Penultimate Non-Lexical Prominence Kikuo MAEKAWA 16
Feature Articles: The English Language Education from a Phonetic Perspective
Preface Isao UEDA 29
On Teaching English Pronunciation in Japanese Secondary Education:How It Is and How It Should Be Makoto TESHIMA 31
English as a Lingua Franca and the Teaching of Pronunciation Atsuko SHIMIZU 44
A Cluster Analysis of the Vowel System of General American and Its Application to Phonetic Education Takeshi YAMAMOTO 63
Realization of English Nuclear Accent by Non-Native Speakers (NNS): Relation of Realized Tonicity and Intelligibility between NNS Masako KAMURA 73
Misplacement of Nuclear Stress by Japanese Learners of English Hiroko SAITO and Isao UEDA 87
Vol.15 No.2
Title Author page
Research Articles
Acquisition of vowel devoicing in Japanese as a second language by Taiwanese learners of Japanese Rei YASUDA and Ryoko HAYASHI 1
Research Notes
Perception of the Korean Intervocalic Tense Fricative: A Comparison between Native Speakers and Japanese Learners Heesun HAN 11
High Vowel Devoicing in the Keihanshin Area of Japan Hi-Gyung BYUN 23
Feature Articles: Laryngeal Features among Eastern Asian Languages
Preface Ray IWATA 38
Laryngeal Features among Eastern Asian Languages Mitsuaki ENDO 40
Variety of the Lanryngeal Features in the Tibetan Dialects Hiroyuki SUZUKI 52
F0 and Voice Quality in the Tonal System of North-Central Vietnamese —Fieldwork Data Analysis of Lam River Speech— Koichi HONDA 61
Thai Tones Revisited Donna ERICKSON 74
Some Phonatory Characteristics of Tibetan Buddhist Chants Ikuyo YOSHINAGA and Jiangping KONG 83
Vol.15 No.3
Title Author page
A Tribute to the Memory of the Late Professor Shin KAWAKAMI Zendo UWANO 1
Research Notes
Effects of L2 Experience on Perception of English /r/ and /l/ by Native Japanese Speakers Katsura AOYAMA and James E. FLEGE 5
Recognizing Emotion from Japanese Utterances: Individual Differences among Russian Learners of Japanese Language Ritsuko NAKABAYASHI 14
Feature Articles: Phonetics and Phonology of Eastern Japanese Dialects
Preface Makio OONO 26
A Hypothesis on the Origin of the Central Vowel in the Dialects of East Japan: in Comparison with the Vowel Shift in the Ryukyuan Dialects Makio OONO 27
Remaining Traces of Japanese Labial /h/ Sounds in Tohoku Dialects and Their Historical Development Path: An Analysis of Mouth Shape Junichi OHASHI 37
The Current Status of Accent Variation in the Matsuzaki-Cho Dialect, Shizuoka Prefecture Yukio KIGAWA 48
Modal Meaning of the “Sentence-Final-Vowel-Lengthening Tone” in the Rikuchū-Miyako Dialect Nobuhiro TANAKA 62