Table of Contents (Vol.14)

Vol.14 No.1
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Feature Articles: Current Trends in Experimental OT and Laboratory Phonology
Introduction: Bridging the Dissociation between Phonetics and Phonology Shin-ichi TANAKA 5
Optimality Theory: Experimental Extensions Jeroen van de WEIJER 7
Gradient Well-Formedness in Harmonic Grammar: Phonological Performance as a Window on Phonological Competence Andries W. COETZEE 13
An Optimality Theory Perspective on Speech Segmentation René KAGER 24
The Influence of Lexical Factors on Word Recognition by Native English Speakers and Japanese Speakers Acquiring English: A First Report Kiyoko YONEYAMA and Benjamin MUNSON 35
The Influence of Apparent Vocal-Tract Size, Contrast Type, and Implied Sources of Variation on the Perception of American English Voiceless Lingual Fricatives Benjamin MUNSON and Alexander COYNE 48
Cross-linguistic Production and Perception of Japanese- and Dutch-accented English Mirjam BROERSMA, Makiko AOYAGI and Andrea WEBER 60
Dajare is more Flexible than Puns:Evidence from Word Play in Japanese Takashi OTAKE 76
Tokihiko Kaburagi, Computational Models and Visualization Techniques of Speech Production Processes, CORONA PUBLISHING CO., LTD 2010 Hirokazu SATO 86
Vol.14 No.2
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Research Article
Weakening of Stop Articulation in Japanese Voiced Plosives Kikuo Maekawa 1
Research Notes
Articulatory Properties of the “Laminal Vowel”in Southern Ryukyuan Hayato Aoi 16
Impression Rating of Categories of Paralinguistic Information in Spontaneous Speech through the Use of Assessment Words Tohru Ariga,Hideaki Kikuchi and Eiichiro Nojima 25
Feature Articles: Methodology for Speech Physiology Research
Preface Kiyoshi Honda 35
Estimation of Glottal Area Function Using Stereo-Endoscopic High-Speed Digital Imaging Hiroshi Imagawa,Ken-Ichi Sakakibara,Isao T.Tokuda,Mamiko Otsuka and Niro Tayama 37
Coarticulation in Japanese Syllable Sequences Observed with MRI Motion Imaging Chunyue Zhu and Hiroaki Hatano 45
Control of Anthropomorphic Talking Robot based on Human Articulatory Movement Data Kotaro Fukui,Toshihiro Kusano,Atsuo Takanishi and Masaaki Honda 57
Multisensor Platform for Speech Physiology Research in a Phonetics Laboratory
Jacqueline Vaissiere, Kiyoshi Honda, Angélique Amelot, Shinji Maeda and Lise Crevier-Buchman 65
Vol.14 No.3
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Research Article
The Difference in Accentuation between the Present and the Past Tenses of Verbs in Japanese Kyoko Yamaguchi
Feature Articles:Conversational Speech
Preface Shiro Kori 11
The Roles of Syntactic and Prosodic Features in Turn-Taking Hanae Koiso 13
Uttering Fillers in Conversation Toshiyuki Sadanobu 27
Tone Patterns of the Japanese Interjection Un as a Negative Response Jun Sudo 40
Interim Report on Classification of Tonal Phrases Yukinori Tagawa and Yoko Arashi 51