Table of Contents (Vol.13)

Vol.13 No.1
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Feature Articles : Recent Studies on Expressive Speech and Surrounding Issues
Preface Teruhisa UCHIDA 1
Considerations on Memory of Speaker Individualities Included in Utterances Hiroshi KIDO and Hideki KASUYA 4
Proposing the PROSPECT Model: Relationship between the Prosodic Features of Speech Sound and the Personality Impressions Teruhisa UCHIDA 17
TANDEM-STRAIGHT and Voice Morphing: Applications to Emotional Speech and Singing Research Hideki KAWAHARA and Masanori MORISE 29
Psychological Study of ‘Ma’ (a synonym of ‘pause’) in Communication Toshie NAKAMURA 40
Some Functions of Disfluency in Speech Communication Yasuharu DEN and Michiko WATANABE 53
Vol.13 No.2
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Feature Articles : Development and Elaboration of OT in Various Domains
Introduction Shin-ichi TANAKA and Haruka FUKAZAWA 1
Studying Gen John J. McCarthy 3
Origins of Typological Gaps in Parallel and Serial OT Shin-ichi TANAKA 13
Coda Conditions in Korean Bum-Ki Son 22
Language Acquisition in OT: The Role of Markedness Constraints Haruka FUKAZAWA 29
Exceptional Phenomena in Optimality Theory Kazutaka KURISU 35
An Overview of Stochastic Methods in Optimality-Theoretic Approaches Mafuyu KITAHARA 45
Faithfulness, Correspondence, and Perceptual Similarity: Hypotheses and Experiments Shigeto KAWAHARA 52
Vol.13 No.3
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A Tribute to the Memory of the Late Professor Tamotsu KOIZUMI Isao UEDA 1
Feature Articles: Rhythm and Timing
Preface Keiichi TAJIMA 4
Notes on Phase and Coordination, and Their Application to Rhythm and Timing in Speech Fred CUMMINS and Juraj SIMKO 7
Acquisition of Linguistic Rhythm and Prosodic Bootstrapping Hypothesis Reiko MAZUKA 19
Factors Affecting the Perception of Japanese Moraic Rhythm by Second Language Learners Yukari HIRATA 33
The Eurhythmics of Segmental Melody: Some Underlying Parallels between Prominence and Markedness Shin-ichi TANAKA 44
Assessment of Mora Timing in Japanese Utterances by Foreign Students Using Phonetic Segments System Hiroshi MATSUURA, Masayuki HIDESHIMA, Junichiro WADA,Shusuke INUKAI, Tomohiro ANDO and Yoshimasa IGARASHI 53
Analysis of Factors to Make Prosodic Change in Spoken Dialog Ryota NISHIMURA, Norihide KITAOKA and Seiichi NAKAGAWA 66
Modulation Spectrum and Rhythmic Units of Japanese Masahiko KOMATSU and Takayuki ARAI 85
Research Notes
Duration as a Cue to Perceive English Sentence Stress by Japanese Learners of English vs. Native Speakers of American English Etsuko OFUKA, Yoko MORI, Joan E. GILBERT and Shigeru KIRITANI 90
Calculating Vocalic Similarity through Puns Shigeto KAWAHARA and Kazuko SHINOHARA 101