Table of Contents (Vol.10)

Vol.10 No.1
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Feature Articles: Phonetics and Phonology of Shikoku Dialects
Preface Eisaku SATO 3
A Comparative Analysis of Falling Tones in Northeastern Shikoku Dialects – The Measurement of Frequency Movements of “Kako-Shiki” Accent and the Second Mora Nucleus-Type Accents Hiromi KAMEDA 5
Acceent System of the Sanagashima Dialect Yukihiko NAKAI 19
On the Fact that the Accent in the Tanohama Dialect of Seiyo City in Ehime Prefecture is Determined by the Moraic Structure of the Word Masaharu SHIMIZU 30
Vowel Coalescence Phenomenon in the Dialetcs of the Shimanami-Kaido Region Mitsuhiko ARIMOTO 39
On-Glide Nasal [d] and [g] in the Shikoku Dialetcs – A Focus on the Tokushima Dialect Shinsuke KISHIE and Ayako YOSHIHIRO 49
Pre-nasalization of Voiced Plasives in Kochi Dialect Makoto KUNO 60
Research Articles
Syllabification of English Consonant Clusters by Speakers of English and Japanese Keiich ISHIKAWA 70
Audiovisual Matching in Lips and Voice on Vowel /i/ by Japanese-Learning Infants Ryoko MUGITANI, Tessei KOBAYASHI, Kentaro ISHIZUKA, Shigeaki AMANO, and Kazuo HIRAKI 96
Vol.10 No.2
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Preface Satoshi TOKI 3
Research Articles
The Effect of Self-monitoring on Perception and Production of Japanese Vowel Contrast by Korean L2 Learners Seokyung PARK, Yasushi TSUBOTA, Masatake DANTSUJI and Mitsuru OHKI 5
A Historical Study on the Pitch Accent of Sino-Japanese in Early Modern Era: A Case of Four Syllable Words Written in Two Chinese Characters Kazuaki UENO 19
Prosodic Independence of Bimoraic Accented Particles: Analysis of the Corpus of Spontaneous Japanese Kikuo MAEKAWA and Yosuke IGARASHI 33
Word Prosody and Phrasing Rules in the Dialect of Kumamoto City and Its Surrounding Areas Shiro KORI 43
Invisibility of Moraic Nasal in Japanese Mikio GIRIKO 61
Research Notes
Some Accent-Changes in Recent Tokyo-Japanese Shin KAWAKAMI 72
The Control and Perception of Durational Contrast of Vowels by Mandarin Chinese Speaking Learners of Japanese Michiyo KURIHARA 77
Anastasia M.Karlsson, Rhythm and Intonation in Halh Mongolian, Travaux de l’institut de linguistique de Lund, Vol.46, Lund University, 2005. 183.pp (ISBN 91-974116-9-8) Yoshio SAITO 86
Sumiko SASANUMA, Itaru TATSUMI ed. Gengo Komyunikesyon Syougai no Atarashii Shiten to Kainyuu Riron, Tokyo: Igaku-Shoin, 2005, (339 pp.) Akira UJIHIRA 90
Vol.10 No.3
Title Author page
Feature Articles: Current Issues in Intonational Research
Preface Tanomu KASHIMA 5
Factors That Favored Development of Intonation Study Kikuo MAEKAWA 7
The Functions of Phrase Final Tones in Japanese: Focus on Turn-Taking Carlos Toshinori ISHI 18
The Effect of Unfamiliar Intonation in Speech Sounds on the Images of Personality Impressions and Dialectal Regions Teruhisa UCHIDA 29
The Characteristics of Loudness Control in Realizing Prominences by Japanese Learners of English Tsutomu SATO 43
What Are the Major Speech Styles in Japanese? Shiro KORI 52
Appendix 69
Research Articles
Phonetic Realization of Syntactic Bounderies in English Discourse Produced bye English vs. Japanese Speakers Yoko MORI 72
Accent of Alphabetic Acronyms and shiki-hozon in Kinki Japanese Yasuyuki SHIMIZU 83
Jacqueline Vaissiere, La Phonetique, PFU, Que sais-je? No637, 2006 Kyoko TAKEUCHI 96