Paper Release on JSTAGE

September 15th, 2017
We have been working on transferring the “Journal of the Phonetic Society of Japan” from CiNII-ELS to JSTAGE. We have now finished transferring articles from Vol.1-19 to JSTAGE where you can search and read articles. Since articles from Vol.20 onward are already on JSTAGE, you are now able to search and read all articles (including reviews and article reviews) on JSTAGE.

To overview the “Journal of the Phonetic Society of Japan”, insert “Journal of the Phonetic Society of Japan” in the search box under “Titles” at the upper right corner on the JSTAGE website (see following URL). There will only be one search result, so click on the journal title. All articles from Vol.1-20 will be listed.


Journal of the Phonetic Society of Japan (in JSTAGE)

We will now begin to work on transferring the categories in Vol.1-19. At this moment, papers are uploaded in both CiNII-ELS and JSTAGE,however CiNII-ELS is expected to discontinue its service in the future. Papers in Vol.20 onwards will not be uploaded on CiNII-ELS for this reason, so please use JSTAGE to access the papers.