Announcement of 2015 Phonetic Society of Japan Academic Research Incentive Awards

March 18th, 2016
Phonetic Society of Japan Academic Research Incentive Award Selection Committee Chair
TANAKA Yukari (Nihon University)
After careful deliberation, the committee has selected the following two research projects as worthy recipients of this award. (in order of application)

(1) KAWAHARA Shigeto (application spokesperson)
“MyVoice: Rescuing voices of ALS patients”
Websites relating to award winning project:,jp/~kawahara/myvoice.html

(2) NAKAMOTO Ken (application spokesperson)
“Development of teaching materials and textbooks and preservation and revitalization of the Ryukyuan dialect”
Website relating to award winning project:

The 2015 selection committee was composed of the following members:
TANAKA Yukari, Chair
ARAI Takayuki, Member
KUNO Mariko, Member
MISONOO Yasuko, Member
HAYASHI Naoki, Executive Secretary