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The 3rd Phonetics Seminar

"Current Trends in Phonology: Theory and Practice"

“Pitch Accent and Phonological Theory”
Shosuke HARAGUCHI (Tsukuba University)

“Particular grammer and Optimality Theory”
Shin-ichi TANAKA (Nagoya University)

“Interface between phonology and other grammatical components”
Masao OKAZAKI (Tsukuba University)

(Nov. 1, 1997, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)

The 2nd Phonetics Seminar

"Speech Production Mechanisms"
"Observing the structure and function of the larynx and palate"
Seiji NIIMI (University of Tokyo
"Measuring phonetically relevant aspects of speech production"
Gen OHYAMA (Tokushima University)

(Nov. 2, 1996, University of Tokyo)

The 1st Phonetics Seminar

The 1st Phonetics Seminar "Production and Perception of Japanese Word Accent"
"How do listeners perceive word accent?"
Yukihiro NISHINUMA (CNRS, France)
"How do speakers produce word accent?"
Hirokazu SATO (NTT Advanced Technology)

(Sept. 2, 1995, National Language Research Institute)

The 4th Phonetics Seminar

"Introduction to Speech Analysis and Synthesis Methods for Phonetics Research"

Hideki KASUYA (Utsunomiya University)

(Nov. 31, 1998, University of Tokyo)