The 32nd General Meeting – Call for Workshop Proposals

May 30th, 2018
The 32nd General Meeting will be held in Okinawa in September 2018.
Submission for workshop proposals (morning of Day 2) is now open.
  • Date:September 15th (Sat) – 16th (Sun), 2018
  • Venue: Okinawa International University
  • Organizer: Ken Nakamoto (University of the Ryukyus) 、Satoshi Nishioka (University of the Ryukyus)

【Call for Workshop Proposals】

This workshop is to offer opportunities for presenters and audience to have discussions on a particular topic after the talks by several presenters. The submission process is similar to last year’s (not electronic). Please send the application form (approximately three pages in A4 size) to in PDF and MSWord (or text file) format by June 20th, 2018 to .
Please insert “Submission for workshop at 32nd General Meeting” in the email subject. The attached files should be named “psj2018workshop (name of organizer)”. We will send an email to notify the acceptance of submission within a few days. If you do not receive this email, please send an email again by June 22nd, as we may not have received your submission email.

【Proposal format】

(Page 1)
  • 1.Name and affiliation of organizer in Japanese and English
       *Graduate students’ affiliations should write “Graduate school, XXX University)
  • 2.Organizer’s contact information(E-mail address and telephone number for notification of acceptance)
  • 3.Moderator’s name and affiliation (Japanese and English)
  • 4.Names and affiliations of presenters in Japanese and English(in the order of presentation)
(Page 2 onward)
  • 5.Workshop title in Japanese(not needed if presentations are in English)
  • 6.Workshop title in English
  • 7.Abstract of workshop (Aim and content in less than 500 Japanese characters or 250 English words)
  • 8.Titles and abstracts of all presentations in the order of presentation(each less than 300 Japanese characters or 150 English words without stating the presenters’ names in the abstract)

    【Guidelines for workshop submission】

    1. The organizer and presenters must be members of the Phonetics Society of Japan. Two or more presenters must be members of the Phonetic Society of Japan. Submission will be accepted if more than half of them are members. (They must be members at the time of submission or have finished with the application.) Please see for details.
    2. The workshop may have panel members (members or non-members).
    3. The workshop will be two hours long. More than twenty minutes should be provided for Q&A including the audience.
    4. Workshops organized at or scheduled to be organized at other conferences will not be accepted.
    5. Presenters’ travel expenses and reward will not be provided.
    6. Notification of acceptance will be sent around June 27th, 2018. If accepted, please submit the full paper in PDF format by July 30th (Monday). Late submission may not be published in the proceedings.
    7. The paper format is the same as oral/poster presentations. There should be one page that explains the aims of the workshop. Presentation papers should be less than four pages each.
    8. Languages used for presentations are limited to Japanese and English. Please write the title and abstract in the same language. Papers should be written in the same language as the abstract, and presentations should be given in that language.
    9. Distribution of additional materials on the day of presentation is prohibited.
    10. Abstracts will be made public as is via attachment to the conference program on the PSJ website before the conference dates (excluding references).
    11. You will be asked to write a new abstract to be published in the Journal of Phonetic Society of Japan after the conference.
    12. Revisions on abstract, affiliation, collaborators, etc. will not be accepted after submission. Please double check before submission.