The 27th General Meeting (2013)

The Twenty-Seventh General Meeting of the Phonetic Society of Japan
Host: The Phonetic Society of Japan
Date: September 28th (Saturday) and 29th(Sunday) 2013
Venue: Kanazawa University, Kakuma Campus, North area, Human and Social Science Lecture Hall 1
(Kakumamachi, Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa-ken, 920-1192)
For further details, please see:
Head of committee: Tetsuo NITTA (Kanazawa University)


Day 1: September 28th (Saturday)
Conference room: Human and Social Science Lecture Hall 1 (Rooms 201 – 301)
10:30am Registration
11:00am-12:30pm Poster presentations
12:30pm-1:30pm Lunch break
1:30pm-3:45pm Oral presentations
3:45pm-4:00pm Coffee break
4:00pm-5:40pm Oral presentations
6:00pm-8:00pm Party at North Campus Store and Restaurant
Day 2: September 29th (Sunday)
Conference room: Human and Social Science Lecture Hall 1 (Room 101)
9:00am Registration (only those not registered on Day 1)
9:30am-12:15pm Public Lecture 1
“Singing in tone languages: Phonetic and structural effects”
Bob Ladd (University of Edinburgh)

Public Lecture 2
“Some linguistic aspects in movie pictures”
Hirokazu Sato (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)
Admission Free
12:15pm-1:00pm Lunch break
  • Opening remark (Hirokazu Sato, President, Phonetic Society of Japan)
  • Opening remark (Yoichi Tsuge, Head of the School of Humanities, Kanazawa University)
  • General assembly
  • Awarding ceremony (Best Paper Award, Best Presentation Award, Encouragement Award)
1:45pm-4:00pm Open symposium
“Aspects of N-type accent”
  • “General to specific theories (Kikaijima and Yoronjima dialects)”
      Zendo Uwano (NINJAL)
  • “Type-2 accent of Koshikijima dialect”
      Haruo Kubozono (NINJAL)
  • “N-type accent of Echizen coast”
      Tetsuo Nitta (Kanazawa University)
Admission Free
4:00pm Closing remark
Each oral presentation has a 30 minute time slot (25 minutes for presentation, 5 minutes for discussion). Presenters may spend 20 minutes on presentation and 10 minutes on discussion if they wish to spend more time on discussion. There is a 5 minute break between presentations for preparing for the next presentation, but it will not be used to extend the previous discussion. Please follow the chairperson’s instructions to be on time.
Poster session is 90 minutes. Please put up your posters on your designated poster board by the time session begins. Posters with odd ID numbers will present in the first 45 minutes of the session, and those with even ID numbers will present in the latter 45 minutes. Presenters may stand in front of their posters for the full 90 minute session, or only for the designated 45 minutes. Poster board size is 180cm high and 120cm wide. Each presenter will be given a pointer and a roll of tape for putting up their posters. Please give sufficient consideration to the adjacent presenters (e.g. use headphones to demonstrate sounds to the audience). There will be no power supply in the conference room.

Program (September 28th)

Presenters with underline are eligible presenters for Best Presentation Award. The awarding ceremony for this year’s Best Presentation Award will be on Day 2 (Sunday, September 29th) after the general assembly. Candidates are expected to participate in the ceremony.
Poster presentations 11:00am-12:30pm
Conference rooms D, E (Rooms 203, 204, Human and Social Science Lecture Hall 1)
Chairperson: Takeshi Nozawa, Shin’ichi Tanaka
P1 Trills and Clicks for Emotive Meanings in Japanese Archipelago and Surroundings
Rintaro TAKAYAMA (University of Tokyo)
P2 “Juncture” Multiplicative Relations between Pause and Aspiration: Re-synthetic Perception Experiments on Japanese Learners of English
Kenichi Ohyama (Tokyo Denki University)
P3 On the Perceptual Cue of Voicedness of Sibilants and the Devoicing Vowels
Michinao Matsui (Osaka Health Science University)
P4 The redundancy of [mb] sequence
Mutsuko Isono (Meijigakuin University)
P5 Domain of final lowering in spontaneous Japanese
Kikuo Maekawa (NINJAL)
P6 Prototype of a physical model for English /r/-/l/ sounds: Proposing a new tool for phonetic education
Takayuki Arai (Sophia University)
P7 On the factors which contribute to phrasal intonation of questioning utterance in natural conversation
Hiroaki Hatano, Miyako Kiso, Carlos, T. Ishi (ATR Intelligent Robotics and Communication Laboratories)
P8 Adjective Accent Change in Tokyo Japanese: Focusing on the influence of the vowel devoicing
Noriko Nakamura (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)
P9 Onset-coda asymmetry in the perception of English syllables by Japanese English teachers
Yoshikazu Kobayashi (Graduate School, Daito Bunka University), Kiyoko Yoneyama (Daito Bunka University), Keiichi Tajima (Hosei University)
P10 Function of the non-rising intonation at the end of a sentence –A focus on “Noda”-
Yumiko Hata (Soka University)
Oral presentations 1:30pm-5:40pm
Conference room A (Room 201, Human and Social Science Lecture Hall 1)
Chairperson: Rei Iwata, Toshio Matsuura
The relationship between accent and the change in vowels to voiceless sound in the Tokyo metropolitan area
Keiko Kino (Kokugakuin University)
The two-pattern accent system of the Iseki-Hamawaki dialect in Tanegashima
Tsubasa Arakawa (Hiroshima University)
The change process of the compound verb accent rule in the Yamanashi Uenohara dialect
Yosuke Miki (Chosun University)
Pitch fall intensification in the accent system of the Shiramine dialect and neutralization of the contrast of accent forms
Kenji Yoshida (Waseda University), Tetsuo Nitta (Kanazawa University)
  (Coffee break)
Chairperson: Kiyoko Yoneyama, Tim Vance
Misperception of plosive+liquid clusters: A pilot study
Yuriko Matsumoto (Sophia University)
The distribution and phonological interpretation of the pre-nasalized consonants in the Awaji-shima dialect
Kohei Nakazawa (University of Tokyo)
Regional variation of VOT in Ibaraki Japanese
Akira Utsugi (Nagoya University), Kan Sasaki (Sapporo Gakuin University), Yosuke Igarashi (Hiroshima University)
Oral presentations 1:30pm-5:40pm
Conference Room B (Room 202, Human and Social Science Lecture Hall 1)
Chairperson: Rei Iwata, Toshio Matsuura
A study of Chinese Korean Accent in FUSHUN City
Huachun Li (Hokkaido University)
Intergenerational changes in accent of Korean spoken in China
Hideyuki Kawasuzaki (Waseda Research Institute Corporation)
Frequencies of Korean consonant phonemes in the syllable-final position
Sumire Matsuyama (University of Hawaii at Manoa)
The acoustic investigation on intervocalic consonants in the Seoul Korean
Akiko Yamazaki (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)
  (Coffee break)
Chairperson: Nobuko Yoneda, Michinao Matsui
Syllable structure and the tone bearing unit in Akan
Kyoko Koga (Kochi University)
On pitches of Burmese minor syllables
Kenji Okano, Yukie Masuko (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)
Tonal pitch contours of two syllable sequences in Thai
Yukie Masuko, Makoto Minegishi, Hirokazu Sato (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)
Oral presentations 1:30pm-5:40pm
Conference Room C (Room 301, Human and Social Science Lecture Hall 1)
Chairperson: Itsue Kawagoe, Keiichi Tajima
Analysis of psychological evaluation of intelligibility and fluency on English sentences articulated by native and non-native speakers of English
Yuko IKUMA (Osaka Kyoiku University), Ai Hirai (Kanto Gakuin University)
Learning strategies helpful in phonological acquisition for Chinese JFL learners
Linan Wu (Kanazawa University), Hiroaki Hatano (ATR Intelligent Robotics and Communication Laboratories), Kumi Kanamura (Nagoya University), Makiko Matsuda (Kanazawa University)
Acoustic properties and features of voiceless coronal stops in L2 Russian of Japanese native speakers
Anatolii Vakhromeev (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)
Epenthetic vowels of loanwords in Fijian: Default vowel epenthesis, consonantal spreading, and vowel harmony
Gakuji Kumagai (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
  (Coffee break)
Chairperson: Shirou Koori, Mariko Sugawara
Intonation of statements and Yes/No questions in Welsh English
Marina Arashiro (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)
Musorgsky’s songs and Russian intonation
Kanako Takeshita (Hiroshima University)
Prediction of the occurrence of prosodic dephrasing in Japanese based upon the syntactic properties and the length of component phrases
Miju Jeon (Hitotsubashi University)

[Participation fee and proceedings]
Proceedings will be on sale at the registration booth (1000 yen for students, 2000 yen for members, and 3000 yen for non-members except students). Those presenting at the convention are asked to purchase the proceedings as participation fee. Students of undergraduate and graduate schools must show their student ID at registration.
Proceedings on USB will also be on sale from this year as trial. The price is the same as paper-based proceedings. The number of USB proceedings is limited. Proceedings will be on sale only at the convention venue.
The public lectures and public symposium is open to anyone. Handouts will be distributed at registration.
[Proceedings back issues]
Back issues are on sale or distributed at registration. First come, first served. Pre-ordering and mailing will not be accepted.
  • The past two issues (25th and 26th conventions): 500 yen each
  • Issues before 25th and 26th conventions: Free
The last 80 copies of “The Vowel: Its Nature and Structure”, Tsutomu Chiba & Masato Kajiyama (1958) will be on sale at a special price of 1000 yen. This book is a classic book (written in English) that represents research on speech before and during World War II. The book may be purchased at registration. (The book will be back to its normal price after the convention.)
[Membership registration]
If you wish to become a member, please register at registration. Membership fee (7000 yen for members, 4000 yen for student members) and admission fee will be free of charge due to promotion.
*Members cannot pay their membership fee at the convention registration.
The convention party will be held on Day 1 (6pm, Saturday, September 28th) at first floor of the North Campus Store and Restaurant. Participation fee is 5000 yen for members, 3000 yen for students. Please make a reservation by preferably September 20th by sending your name and membership status (student member, non-student member, non-member) to Participation without reservation will only be accepted when there is vacancy. Pre-registration is strongly recommended.
The venue will not provide lunches on the two days. The cafeteria (located on the second floor of Student Union Hall, open from 11:00am-1:30pm) and convenience store (located on the first floor, open from 9:00am-2:00pm) will be available only on Day 1. There are no restaurants or stores near the campus, so please bring your lunch to the venue on Day 2.
[Nursery room]
The nursery room is available during the convention with the cooperation of the venue. The fee is at a reasonable price (500 yen/hour for one child). Participants with small children are encouraged to use this system. Please make a reservation in advance if you wish to use this system. The deadline for making reservation is 5pm, Tuesday, September 10th. Please send an email to if you would like to make a reservation or ask for further information.
Books and acoustical instruments will be exhibited on the two days in Room 205.
[Wireless LAN]
Participants will be able to use the wireless LAN “eduroam” for off-campus users. Technical support will not be provided at the registration booth. Please take a look at the eduroam JP manual for setup.
There will be a lecture on the day before the convention co-hosted by NINJAL. Please see the ASJ website for further details.
  • Date: Friday, September 27th, 2013
  • Venue: Seminar Room, Shiinoki Cultural Complex (Kanazawa city)
  • Lecturer: Bob Ladd (University of Edinburgh)
  • “Individual differences in pitch perception, and their possible relevance for language typology”
[Convention administration committee at venue]
Testuo NITTA (Head), Rei IWATA, Tomoaki TAKAYAMA, Makiko MATSUDA
[Planning Committee]
Haruo KUBOZONO (Head, NINJAL), Yosuke IGARASHI (Hiroshima University), Donna Erickson (Showa University of Music), Mafuyu Kitahara (Waseda University), Hideki Zamma (Kobe City University of Foreign Studies), Mariko Sugawara (Doshisha University), Keiichi Tajima (Hosei University), Shin’ichi Tanaka (Kobe University), Michinao Matsui (Osaka Health Science University), Toshio Matsuura (Hokusei Gakuen University), Tim Vance (NINJAL)
[Access to venue]
*The venue is at Kanazawa University, Kakuma Campus, North area, on both Day 1 and 2.
1) Hokuriku Tetsudo Bus bound for Kanazawa Daigaku (via Kenrokuen-shita)
Please get off at the last stop “Kanazawa Daigaku”) (350 yen). Please do not get off at “Kanazawa Daigaku Shizen-ken mae” or “Kanazawa Daigaku Chuo”.
Kanazawa station, east exit, bus gate 6, bus number 93 or 94 bound for Kanazawa Daigaku (about 40 minutes)
Korimbo bus stop (Chuo Koen mae), bus number 93, 94, 96 bound for Kanazawa Daigaku (about 30 minutes)
Schedule for the buses can be reached at:
There will be more buses running than usual. Further information will be announced on ASJ website in September.

2) Taxi
Around 3500 yen from Kanazawa station.
Kanazawa University, Kakuma Campus, North Area [CAMPUS MAP]
Human and Social Science Lecture Hall 1: Classrooms